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does any1 have a razor claw? FT the event torchic with stone (Archived)camo4321210/14/2013
trading spare eevees (Archived)sharinganlucari610/14/2013
How did the person who wonder traded me get Paras? (Archived)Bullet_Wing210/14/2013
Looking to at least battle a ditto just so i can search the GTS. (Archived)Kalscension510/14/2013
Pangoro or Lucario? (Archived)Noctem89110/14/2013
Where can I get Icy Wind for my Gardevoir? (Archived)AwesomePerson99210/14/2013
trading torchic for squirtle or charmander! (Archived)jozhster310/14/2013
Is this game worth it if I stopped playing Pokemon after Emerald? (Archived)
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How do I see my friends in-game? (Archived)pegasusmagic001210/14/2013
It would seem that sandslash is a version exclusive to X. (Archived)bladedwraith510/14/2013
Charizard Y is like a Fire type Kyogre (Archived)pkmnpkmn210/14/2013
Lets have a battle the next we meet (possible spoilers to come) (Archived)slaterastle110/14/2013
These are the best Pokemon games ever! (Archived)GiranXYZ110/14/2013
LF: Any Ditto. FT: Undying gratitude. (Archived)holy_bolt610/14/2013
Made it to the daycare center. Need help on what to breed with. (Archived)Taladashar510/14/2013
Looking for a timid pokemon with synchronize (Archived)ForteXXGS410/14/2013
Traded item GTS? (Archived)YamiJustin110/14/2013
So... "the man..." how much did he really love that pokemon of his? (Archived)Fafnir610/14/2013
Anyone have a spare Clauncher? (Archived)Phoenix6000110/14/2013
When do you get (SPOILER) (Archived)Teedus18210/14/2013