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Which Pokemon is better Gardevoir or Alakazam? (Archived)xxgamer91xx47/26 3:06PM
Powersave Egg Hatching? (Archived)
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ParkwayDrive22187/26 2:59PM
I bought a used game, and it won't hold a save. (Archived)
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WarioTheWarrior127/26 2:43PM
Linoone seriously needs to be banned to ubers (Archived)Muffinz0rz87/26 2:33PM
Would mega dragonite stone called"Dragonite" (Archived)
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Analytic207/26 2:21PM
How does this pokemon eat? (Archived)
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Nico_infinite117/26 1:49PM
Togekiss: Modest or Calm nature? (Poll)Cosmoesis107/26 1:18PM
Create a Gym leader game. (Archived)paipr37/26 1:02PM
I will be voting no ban for Aegislash (Archived)
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re65487/26 1:00PM
I miss... (Archived)Octorok38597/26 12:51PM
Why do anti-hackers say this all the time? (Archived)
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TheFightingPoly267/26 12:47PM
All Types are now apart of type triangles (similar to the starter triangle) (Archived)paipr107/26 12:37PM
Smogon Site Change? (Archived)kennetic17/26 12:35PM
dragon dance on larvitar (Archived)sharkster177/26 12:31PM
How do I get Bullet Seed on a Heracross? (Archived)IEatFishFood47/26 12:21PM
I absolutely cannot stand "competitive batling" in this game. (Archived)
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Judgmenl1407/26 12:09PM
Question about Sticky Web (Archived)
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7_Greninja137/26 12:03PM
How exactly do stall teams beat other stall teams? (Archived)
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KingWhiteKnight187/26 12:03PM
Do you run 0 attack ivs on your pokemon? (Archived)Patty_Fleur87/26 12:01PM
Aroma Veil (Archived)JiiSik67/26 11:41AM