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Wow that's cool *spoilers* (possibly) (Archived)trav3901510/13/2013
Gyarados can be used in sky battle?! (Archived)SideShowBatt1010/13/2013
Could someone give me a run-down on breeding? (Archived)PidgeonPeasant810/13/2013
I'm surprised by how early you can trade for a Farfetch'd (Archived)Mobile_Platform610/13/2013
Wonder trade......... (Archived)Holy_Oblivion110/13/2013
Anyone want to their Charizardite X for my Charizardite Y? (Archived)HellFire-Bahamu110/13/2013
Are attacks like growl and etc. any good for endgame (Archived)
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I know how to get into the boutique! (Archived)
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LF: Starters FT: Look inside (Archived)Cresta89410/13/2013
All 6 red hot starter eggs, made to order! (Archived)
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Can i get a list of flying pokemon (Archived)
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Good Grinding Spots for 40-60? (Archived)owenscrossing610/13/2013
attractive pokemon (Archived)donpatch777110/13/2013
So, what have been your best trades so far? (Archived)Oni_Tatsujin710/13/2013
Male Eevee or female Charmander for a starter? (Archived)TalesOfGod110/13/2013
Trading Kanto/Kalos Starters for Any Shinies (Archived)Sizukhan1010/13/2013
anyone know if circle pad pro is compatible with this game. (Archived)Reno27410/13/2013
Is it confirmed that legends have high IVs? (Archived)Slayerblade11510/13/2013
A few questions... (Archived)Viridipalm_user310/13/2013
LF more Friend Codes ! (Archived)
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