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im so mad i have to vent! (Archived)
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progamer2290118/2 1:48AM
I don't get why people think there's not enough new Pokemon (Archived)
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PokemonFan1294208/2 1:41AM
How come nobody uses Mega Heracross? (Archived)
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Slayerblade11398/2 1:35AM
A Gimmick Team playthrough of Pokemon X (Archived)Froakiebloke68/2 1:12AM
that awkward moment when a blastioise is faster than a mega garchomp. (Archived)ssupermario9248/2 1:12AM
got my first shiny! (Archived)ESMWjot88/2 12:42AM
Elite loss (Poll)
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Hawkeyes_Mihawk278/2 12:22AM
AZ's Floette (Archived)GMAnthony28/2 12:17AM
Pokemon is work. (Archived)
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Judgmenl118/1 11:56PM
I Hope the Team themes in the next games sound like... (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42148/1 11:42PM
Create your own All-Star Elite Four (Archived)
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ImnotJo188/1 11:31PM
Battle Points And Rare Candies (Archived)Fennyariel68/1 11:21PM
So I want to create a better Electivire than I have now... (Archived)
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BlueRougeGlider128/1 10:58PM
Help with a Swift swim Gorebyss (Archived)HeartlessRod38/1 10:04PM
Rate my team plz (Archived)Bill628858/1 10:01PM
Things people never see coming (Archived)
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b619poke258/1 9:54PM
LF Mudkip w/ egg moves (Archived)xTheGrieverx38/1 9:46PM
What if Bisharp got Bullet Punch and Technician? (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq78/1 9:43PM
I think I finally "got gud" in Doubles. Do you think so? (Archived)
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MillionGunmannn188/1 9:21PM
Question for power save users (Archived)skip_dog48/1 8:38PM