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Are there any good physical fire moves at all ? (Archived)Charmander7597/6 7:14PM
TrollFreak: Let's make a Carbink that can actually use offensive moves! (Archived)
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DigiWillpower177/6 7:10PM
Anyone else see the shiny froakie line colors as symbolic? (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob137/6 7:10PM
How many species of pokemon are there? (Archived)kratospwnsnoobz57/6 7:08PM
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Species Clause... (Archived)Sabeeeeh77/6 7:02PM
What if U-turn hit twice if the user is the last remaining Pokemon? (Archived)iron_defense37/6 6:52PM
Why do we need a PC to release a Pokemon? (Archived)Second_Hokage57/6 6:50PM
Are there any other samurai Pokemon? (Archived)SSBM Pichu97/6 6:50PM
Can Someone Explain To Me How Klutz Works? (Archived)Sabeeeeh107/6 6:49PM
item for klefki? (Archived)ZeusXwong3157/6 6:47PM
What are you working on? (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry347/6 6:39PM
I wish I was as good in Pokemon like I am Call of Duty. (Archived)
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Sir-Butthurt127/6 6:39PM
Haven't played a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver. What should I get? (Archived)SCStunner316107/6 6:39PM
Dear GF: How to fix passerby battles (Archived)The_Last_Azn97/6 6:37PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Grass tiebreaker 5 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1487/6 6:35PM
Best para flincher? (Archived)Sora_Anbu67/6 6:24PM
Been trying to come up a Pokken-style fighting roster... (Archived)
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DK9292177/6 6:22PM
I swear stall battles are some of the dumbest... (Archived)caddiw87/6 5:51PM