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When do you think GameStop will STOP asking for Pokemon exclusivity? (Poll)DigiWillpower58/19 11:21PM
Lapras does not get Scald.
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BestInTheWorId188/19 11:08PM
Gardevoir should really be in the human egg groupLopunnyTho98/19 11:00PM
Name a Pokemon who's name starts with the last letter of the Pokemon above
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YellowDino173718/19 10:42PM
First double tournament...
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pusho138/19 9:39PM
I just don't see how Gliscor is balanced.GravelKing58/19 9:28PM
Did I do any good?NinjaSeviper68/19 9:19PM
I want to do the Maison w/ Electrode,Amoonguss and event Vivillon. What moves...-Unowninator-78/19 9:00PM
how is the gamestop rock promotion going to work ?
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Thegreekweezel268/19 8:59PM
is this a good iv spread for naive salamence?vinhamon68/19 8:38PM
rate my idea: mega dragalgeXernemancy98/19 8:31PM
Sejun Park's Gothitelle?
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Jmandal308/19 8:23PM
I just traded my only Yveltal for a Ditto on the GTS.
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ChicagoTed_228/19 8:17PM
Quick doubles team questionSlyAsACooper38/19 8:15PM
Hahahaha, for those who haven't seen it already:TaticalWarrior78/19 8:12PM
Time Machine Breeding Method Theory. + your ideas!?KillRideMasterJ108/19 8:05PM
What ball matches shiny blastoise(breeding aesthetics)GGuitarGuy95108/19 8:04PM
Looking for a Sturdy carbinkGreengoogler38/19 8:01PM
Rate my double team
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vinhamon118/19 7:56PM
Was Diantha alluded to in Black2/White2? (Closed)GeminiDeus78/19 7:54PM