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What was your best wonder trade ever?
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NinjaMagikarp23269/15 6:17PM
The Bad Pokemon Pun and/or Joke Topic
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Ultimate Victreebell set
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Spectrum57199/15 5:07PM
What abilities would you wanna see on the following mega pokemongamepimp12109/15 4:53PM
I don't think Nintendo understands just how popular Magikarp is :(
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PokemonFan1294159/15 4:49PM
The Mega Tournament: Round 6 (Poll)TrainerAura19/15 4:46PM
If there were an Ice sub-type added to a starter.lukesk1113529/15 4:37PM
If mega sceptile is a physically-based mega, I'll close my account
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Onionium189/15 4:34PM
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best evs for giratina- o?themoby45699/15 4:02PM
Find some Weird stuff for any Pokemon game. Breeding, Glitches, Calcs, and more!warriorman22249/15 3:58PM
Gyro Ball in a Trick Room
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raymondsmith15149/15 3:55PM
Help me with my future shiny Sylveon
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DazzleKitty87119/15 3:52PM
Public Service PSA Announcement: There are no dolphin-based Pokemon.Muffinz0rz79/15 3:50PM