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Mega Manectric Revealed! (Archived)SmellyVonBeli410/11/2013
Race to beat the game starting midnight (Archived)swfc_dan810/11/2013
Serebii: Houndoom is exclusive to X but Houndoominite is exclusive to Y (Archived)
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Single Sword pokemon's evolved form revealed. (Archived)
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Mega Scizor (Archived)7656198410/11/2013
If sandslash isn't an exclusive... (Archived)bladedwraith510/11/2013
Diamond and Peal Transfer (Archived)StriderCloud410/11/2013
So far which Lists of Mega Pokemon has been true!?? (Archived)Gilberto610/11/2013
Any Gen 5 megas? (Archived)Matt_the_noob110/11/2013
Does this game let you change language? I want to buy it from Japanese eShop. (Archived)Nightstar1994710/11/2013
new team idea "alpha dogs" for 3v3 (Archived)MikeAtTheSource110/11/2013
I would like to ask a few questions to people who have the game (Archived)Haku125310/11/2013
To download at midnight or wait until 10AM tomorrow? (Archived)
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YR: Luxary get's a Mega Evoultion (Archived)RaidenHero910/11/2013
I was going to save Manectric for the Ruby/Sapphire Remakes but.. (Archived)Duncanwii310/11/2013
So, that trademark list for megas... (Archived)
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Can we talk about having the game now? (Archived)RotomGuy3310/11/2013
Mega Tyranitar (Archived)mattazone310/11/2013
This game is hard (Archived)
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Your reaction - Eevee gets a Mega Form (Archived)GilgameshSwords410/11/2013