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THIS GAME COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! (insert lowercase letter here) (Archived)slaterastle810/11/2013
X and Y is soon upon us friends! At least in US. (Archived)LontaBeans310/11/2013
Best defensive Pokemon. (Poll)raptor36000510/11/2013
I didn't pre-order. Hopefully Walmart will have some (Archived)EmeralDragon23110/11/2013
I just want a couple of friends... (Archived)
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Spoilers: The return of some old characters (Archived)Chiron11510/11/2013
Pokes that could be fairy type (Archived)Chairstood910/11/2013
How many pokemon will be in x and y? (Archived)raimi_ace110/11/2013
So how long until we can RNG in X and Y? (Archived)itachi134410/11/2013
My legendary rant (201 legendaries before the end of pokemon with no new types) (Archived)
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Too many mega's? (Archived)
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Fairy type: good or bad? (Archived)
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ice wolf pokemon speculation (Archived)
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Getting it a bit early. (Archived)HugoNikanor810/11/2013
someone mentioned about getting another kalos starter after e4.. (Archived)INF3CT3D_HAZMAT410/11/2013
Any of you already got the game? (Archived)LightningAce11110/11/2013
New move idea (Archived)
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Who's in Fennekin's egg group? (Archived)MAtt5TER710/11/2013
This is going to be a defensive metagame (Archived)
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So Gen V is universally considered to be the worst one, right? (Archived)
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Hero of time129015310/11/2013