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Female Machamp Vs Female Conkeldurr! Muscular Waifu Showdown! (Poll)
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MoxieAdrenaline387/21 12:26PM
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ITT I create the perfect metagame (Archived)gamepimp12107/21 12:05PM
Official Florges Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Kyainey117/21 12:05PM
Which pokemon is better for battle? (Archived)thebigbadwolf9997/21 12:02PM
How different would the metagame be if weather was still viable ? (Archived)
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gamepimp12187/21 12:00PM
Pokemon bank problem-please help! (Archived)G-fuzz37/21 11:57AM
Help with Eevee Team Moves (Archived)
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Onslaught_X360147/21 11:56AM
What's a good ELO ranking on Showdown atm? (Archived)
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iKhanic147/21 11:55AM
Flannery (Archived)mrballerswaggin67/21 11:40AM
Yus! Monster Hunter (Archived)CrackersTheCat37/21 11:10AM
I'm convinced, Korrina should replace Serena *spoilers* (Archived)ssupermario9247/21 10:56AM
Can someone help me get a Fletchling with Gale Wings? (Archived)Greninjarules9927/21 10:44AM
ow does Absol's Mega work? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer127/21 10:31AM
Which One Would you Want? (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh127/21 10:25AM
Pokemon X and Y: gonna catch them all add me (Archived)Iron_boots37/21 10:22AM
good nu team ideas? (Archived)Demongrantbramd37/21 10:17AM
Is it a good idea?. (Archived)JMISBEST27/21 9:51AM
"That thing [Hawlucha] is op as f***" (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz137/21 9:48AM