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Rate the list of megas I want (Archived)
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gamepimp12217/25 11:08PM
Ultimate pokemon catching pokemon? (Archived)
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VejitaSS4317/25 11:03PM
Confusion is the worst Status Condition (also post your own Battle Maison BS) (Archived)wantfastcars27/25 10:43PM
YR: Blissey Gets a Mega Evolution.....Uh-oh (Archived)Sabeeeeh47/25 10:33PM
Pokemon You Know Won't Get A Mega Evolution Any Time Soon. (Archived)Sabeeeeh77/25 10:26PM
Your Reaction: Mega Audino (Archived)Sabeeeeh57/25 10:08PM
Larvitar look different? Because of gender? (Archived)
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XxRTxX117/25 10:05PM
Is anyone pretty good at competitive double battles? How should I make my team? (Archived)
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Noctus3157/25 10:04PM
Need a percentage. (Archived)
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OminousEntity167/25 9:53PM
We are now the second most popular game. (Archived)discodancer7797/25 9:42PM
Pokemon has been dethroned again! (Archived)CobCannonz87/25 9:29PM
There should be a hat pokemon (Archived)wolf rider77/25 9:27PM
I finally figured it out! I know how to balance out Smogon's recent frustrations (Archived)legendxofxsky17/25 9:27PM
Is RU as bad as OU? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis47/25 9:22PM
YR: Mega Milotic is Fairy/Dragon (Archived)BestInTheWorId107/25 9:13PM
Post images here that... (Archived)
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samus885137/25 9:11PM
White Herb or Sash (Archived)MegaSableye57/25 9:02PM
Favorite Item? (Archived)
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VejitaSS4157/25 8:57PM
The best trick I've ever done (Archived)Jayroach237/25 8:35PM
Would Cresselia be OU if it got Will O-Wisp? (Archived)
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Slayerblade11177/25 8:26PM