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How overpowered would this Mega Chandelure be? (Poll)
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Matthew3DSGamer244/29 5:06AM
Anyone find riding mamoswine/ryhorn actually fun? (Archived)
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OptOut1986184/29 4:40AM
If Delphox gets a Mega Evo, it would be called: Gundulf The Blu (Archived)Heisenburro54/29 4:36AM
Stupid Question, where can I change Rotom's form in X/Y? (Archived)M1Astray34/29 4:22AM
Can Ditto Breed? (Archived)Brandon04248744/29 4:00AM
Silly, impractical sweep. (Archived)
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antiheroforhire114/29 3:52AM
What is your favorite Gen V pokemon? (Archived)
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charman5624/29 3:45AM
Trying to make a Game of Thrones themed team (Archived)Lord_Chatturgha84/29 3:11AM
Dream world exclusive moves (Archived)NeoSioType14/29 3:02AM
Did we learn anything interesting from the RAM dump? (Archived)NEW-WAYS-2-DIE24/29 2:58AM
Excadrill EV's for stealth rock & r.spin? (Archived)indiladhar24/29 2:39AM
ITT: create a Pokemon to fill an unused type combination (Archived)
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Calwyn354/29 2:36AM
Your reaction: Grey Kyurem is created. (Archived)
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LRodC194/29 2:35AM
Ditto copies baton pass eevee team, choice scarf baton pass to team, fails. (Archived)
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Azurinai224/29 2:18AM
Nintendo needs to get on with the times. (Archived)
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cardoor123 gf374/29 2:16AM
Rotation battle strategy? (Archived)OptOut198614/29 2:12AM
Why is the usage for ALTARIA much higher in OU than Rayquaza? (Archived)
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LRodC144/29 2:07AM
Hax at its best. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry24/29 1:57AM
The RNG is getting annoying (Archived)Zeron RB64/29 12:40AM
Hilarious Espeon Sweep. (Archived)
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Azurinai174/29 12:28AM