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On GTS I be like (Archived)TamashiixVerlis97/18 4:12PM
Good sets for uber pokemon? some AV sets for example? (Archived)
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lusofuso147/18 4:09PM
Mixed attacking Goodra set (Archived)NeonDragon900017/18 4:08PM
Pokemon That Need To Be An "Only Female" Species (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh667/18 4:04PM
I forgot a pokemon even existed until like 5 minutes ago... (Archived)
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GaspenPayne337/18 3:46PM
How/why does the game choose 4 EMs from a pool with 8 EMs? (Archived)Tacanacy27/18 3:46PM
Magmar and Electabuzz codes (Archived)VyersReaver27/18 3:41PM
Primal Groudon Heat Crash vs Forest Cursed Gastly//Haunter/Flabebe: WHO WILL WIN (Poll)warriorman22257/18 3:32PM
Which unused type of Eveelution would have the most impact? (Archived)
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SeizureGoat147/18 3:31PM
Shiny Regigigas (Archived)Bonsai_Tree27/18 3:29PM
1st Gen Popularity Contest: Round 4 - Poll 2: Nidoking, Lapras, Eevee (Poll)Paulo123107/18 3:23PM
What are your favourite and least favourite starters of each generation? (Archived)
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Revoredo137/18 3:19PM
What are your thoughts on Zard X? (Poll)
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SOAD5657117/18 3:13PM
Am I the only one who thinks... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry37/18 3:11PM
Primal Kyogre with Electric Typing would be borken (Archived)
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Hydregionzek357/18 2:58PM
What would be the best nature for the Togepi line ? (Archived)Charmander7537/18 2:54PM
Question about Friend Safari (Archived)EmiArts37/18 2:53PM
718. 718 Everywhere! (Archived)
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X_Ayumi_X207/18 2:51PM
Has anyone faced a Geomancy passed Megavoir team? (Archived)Gilberto27/18 2:30PM
Who Thinks Mawile Should Be An Only Female Species? (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh177/18 2:29PM