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The Froakie appreciation topic. (Archived)
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LightningAce11279/25 5:24PM
Mega Evolution = Missed opportunity for some Pokemons? (Archived)RollerBob99/25 5:23PM
50 bucks that if Doublade evolves it will be a knight using a honedge as a sword (Archived)
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jtb812209/25 5:17PM
How do you choose which character to play as? (Poll)
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RedShadowww179/25 5:15PM
so is blastoise going to learn any other pulse moves? (Archived)TheCAWWItachi79/25 5:14PM
Well, looks like those starter finals were fan made after all: (Archived)smallface_gray29/25 5:06PM
Which Pokemon's evolution looks like a Mega Evolution of that Pokemon? (Archived)TorchicBlaziken79/25 5:02PM
Unappreaciated pokemon appreaciation topic (Archived)
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DigiHerokid249/25 5:02PM
What's your favorite red Pokemon? (Archived)
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Houndoomed289/25 4:56PM
How many Pokemon do you think we'll have after the 6th generation? (Poll)PokemonYoutube109/25 4:56PM
If you're excited for Gen 6 and (Archived)
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Wynters387129/25 4:52PM Reward Change? (Archived)AscendingLeo49/25 4:46PM
Which design is lazier: Doublade or Klang? (Poll)
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Cyber Akuma Zero139/25 4:31PM
Post your opinion on doublade. (Archived)
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LightningAce11209/25 4:30PM
Please GF (Archived)kazooie95919/25 4:28PM
I hope the Wi-Fi Plaza is back. (Archived)mariobros0129/25 4:26PM
I wish evolution was custom-animated. (Archived)Wetterdew99/25 4:23PM
How much do you like Doublade on a scale of 1 to 10? (Poll)
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legitgamer405249/25 4:18PM
Favourite pokemon that have bad stats (Archived)
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megaboltable189/25 4:15PM
New legendaries? (Archived)megaboltable39/25 4:15PM