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chespin died today (Archived)reflectives19/11 4:53AM
Anyone know if Dark or Psychic type charts have been updated? (Archived)GilgameshSwords39/11 4:53AM
So, PokeBeach's leaker was officially 100% right on everything. (Archived)
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Sakurafanboy139/11 4:53AM
Anyone else planning on using the Rock/Ice fossil Pokemon? (Archived)Pictocheat79/11 4:53AM
Why has steel lost resistance to ghost and dark? (Archived)
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LightningAce11179/11 4:52AM
So, Freeze Skin seems pretty legit. (Archived)chaoshadou109/11 4:52AM
Team Flare; the less threatening evil team ever!! (Archived)jEr3mY69/11 4:49AM
So, Fennekin evo's got a stick in it's tail (Archived)Doctor_Spanky69/11 4:44AM
Fennekin evolution looks even more gorgeous but... (Archived)
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IzanagiBlast149/11 4:43AM
Team flare want's to create a beautiful world. (Archived)brentvh19/11 4:42AM
I don't like any of the starter evos (Archived)eimajamie79/11 4:38AM
Fennekin evolves into Renamon (Archived)trashyjc19/11 4:38AM
Froakie (Archived)scitch129/11 4:33AM
Two things I'm confused about the new scan. (Archived)Ragiroth109/11 4:30AM
Nyaonikusu gender mix up? (Archived)
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Twilight_Sonata209/11 4:28AM
MegaCastform XY: Sandstream versus Cloud Nine (Archived)elconoM19/11 4:27AM
Before you go crazy about Fennekin's 2nd evo standing up, look at this picture. (Archived)Komachi_Tachi89/11 4:26AM
When will the starter evolution pics be posted up? (Archived)
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SH076UNNER129/11 4:25AM
Heatran may be the best pokemon in the game now (Archived)gamepimp1239/11 4:24AM
They ruined Mewtwo (Archived)
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Conflagration129/11 4:24AM