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Charizard is a overrated flying lizard and shame on you for liking him (Archived)
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ssupermario92647/24 8:21AM
Continue the Story, Pokemon Edition (Archived)Nathbuds12317/24 8:19AM
Pokepolls: Day 5: Least Favourite Mega Evolution (Poll)
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toad878237/24 8:16AM
Good Pokemon (sweepers) ? (Archived)
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COLB3CK157/24 8:00AM
C/D it'd be nice to be able to use HMs without teaching them. (Archived)SeizureGoat67/24 7:38AM
Need a defoger (Archived)
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BrianM1991157/24 7:12AM
Am I the only motherf***ing one who doesn't like Ludicolo? (Archived)
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hodelino317/24 7:05AM
Venusaur Should Be The Only Pokemon 2: Venusaur Harder (Archived)BadDecisions47/24 6:22AM
Today was a glorious day (Archived)
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MarioKart1234117/24 6:20AM
Any events or giveaways happen yet for USA? (Archived)SackBoi57/24 6:18AM
Finally (Archived)Alexichu107/24 6:08AM
I thought I would try my hand at NU,,, (Archived)Champeon27/24 5:32AM
Anybody here uses Latias? (Archived)hodelino97/24 5:30AM
Does anyone even use Heracross without its mega form anymore? (Archived)
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Foolishhumans23117/24 5:22AM
good iv spread for Chansey? (Archived)ssupermario9287/24 4:41AM
Linoone claims another 6-0 victory (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz117/24 4:27AM
I Have a Seriously HARD question, who can help me answer it?? (Archived)RBKB2457/24 3:55AM
Quickest way to train 5 pokemon? (Archived)shazen9357/24 3:27AM
Would you have preferred a dating sim over sky battles, Amie, super training etc (Archived)
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JohnTeetor567/24 2:40AM
Hawlucha is actually amazing (Archived)Muffinz0rz47/24 2:38AM