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Need help moving pokemon x over to new sd card... (Archived)
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ineeddrugz197/18 7:33AM
I'm starting a Living Pokedex, is there a point? (Archived)navi85447/18 7:30AM
What's do you consider a perfect pokemon ? (Archived)
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gamepimp12157/18 7:22AM
That feel when you get a shiny with perfect IVs, nature, and ability (Archived)Reggie_Evans77/18 7:18AM
How do I breed bullet punch and knock off on a machop? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor57/18 7:14AM
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Most uneven matchup you lost (Archived)supremeblaster17/18 7:03AM
(poll) What is your least favorite gen? (Archived)goodknife87/18 6:52AM
Sylveon went from competing with Florges to Togekiss to Clefable in the end. (Archived)Chenmaster217/18 6:42AM
OMFG!!!!! I did it. (Archived)
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OminousEntity117/18 6:22AM
Rate my UU team? (Archived)
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Gordo-GG127/18 6:22AM
Mixed Aegislash (Archived)BrianM199147/18 6:18AM
Japanese competitve movesets? (Archived)Jmandal107/18 6:12AM
What happened? (Archived)pokevincent17/18 6:10AM
PSA: Nature is more important than IVs (Archived)
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DigiWillpower367/18 6:10AM
VGC 14 match anyone? (Archived)Gordo-GG67/18 5:56AM
Charizard is a bad role model for kids (Archived)
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iKhanic247/18 5:51AM
How do I evolve Wurmple into Silcoon? (Archived)Vivisqeq57/18 5:45AM
Looking for any Generation 3,4, or 5 Starters (Archived)bluebearay17/18 5:18AM
Will Diancie Event be in australia? (Archived)DatTepig87/18 5:11AM