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Pokemon you have/get on every playthrough (Archived)
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Bellethor187/22 6:54PM
Has Pokecheck always been under maintenance? (Archived)thelightness47/22 6:50PM
Move Relearn Help (Archived)Bennnnnnnn77/22 6:44PM
Tell me any pokemon and i'll tell you why it's better than Garchomp (Archived)
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zoomzoom9287/22 6:39PM
LF bibarel friend safari (Archived)Fiarefox17/22 6:38PM
Official Spinda Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Red_Empoleon127/22 6:34PM
The Best EV Training Guide Ever Made (Archived)dscvncnvmvbnm67/22 6:34PM
anyway to train fast without a restraunt (Archived)silverrocks87/22 6:26PM
Ban what you don't like (Archived)
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_Kyainey_437/22 6:24PM
What do you do when random passerby trades you? (Archived)
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Kanraku227/22 6:01PM
Kyogre shouldn't be banned!! (Archived)
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fahademon137/22 6:00PM
Breeding Stat Question (Archived)Kyokit37/22 5:49PM
Battle Maison Replay: Porygon Z holds on (Archived)LegendofLink1757/22 5:45PM
So what are Ash's all around best top ten Pokemon? The worst? (Archived)
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Noctus3197/22 5:44PM
What country to set my 3DS to before starting to get best/rarest Vivillon in NA? (Archived)
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cdark137/22 5:42PM
Name me any Pokemon and I'll tell you why it's better than Mincinno (Archived)
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Blizzardhail297/22 5:37PM
I dont understand why there are no special status that effect SP attackers (Archived)marioparty1747/22 5:14PM
Why isn't AZ dead? (Archived)sleath4197/22 5:06PM
Abilities pokemon just shouldn't have (Archived)
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Nico_infinite387/22 5:00PM
my friend has a shiny and i want to breed with mine (Archived)FightingBoar47/22 4:56PM