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Not so serious question: What are some decent movesets and EV spreads for... (Archived)DMC_Trixie77/17 8:36PM
When you hear the word "Kalos", what comes to mind? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin1187/17 8:19PM
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What move is the worst in-game compared to competitive use? (Archived)HHDeception57/17 8:08PM
please! looking for some to shinyify! (Archived)ruffryder432457/17 8:07PM
Current in-game team? (Archived)
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sanfransavage327/17 8:01PM
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pokegen, gen 4 pokemon and getting them to x (Archived)
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Adamantinus177/17 7:41PM
How many times have you beaten the game? (Poll)lukesk11135107/17 7:37PM
Questions about pokegen and keysav (Archived)pokevincent47/17 7:24PM
Most impressive uneven match up you've won (Archived)
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SeizureGoat127/17 7:02PM
3ds powersave help (Archived)
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flamecid207/17 7:00PM
dat Numel sweep (sorta) (Archived)LopunnyTho57/17 6:51PM
GNRR Wonderlocke Journal (Archived)
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Gunsandredroses207/17 6:47PM
Rate my terrible oususpect team (Archived)
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Judgmenl137/17 6:25PM
Just caught a shiny eevee. (Archived)Surskit290757/17 6:15PM
Im about to start ev training, could you check out these pokes. (Archived)skip_dog27/17 6:12PM
YR : The supposed enhanced ability of Primal Kyogre (Archived)
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Tatan_93117/17 6:00PM
Which champion did you like the best? (Poll)
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mexicannon117/17 5:59PM
Mega Zygarde (Poll)TrainerAura107/17 5:49PM