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Lonta_Beans35007/21 7:33PM
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If you use Gliscor. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry477/21 7:29PM
hydro pump or fire blast on salamence? (Archived)emeraldraggon5367/21 7:17PM
What's your favorite fossil pokemon? (Archived)
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SeizureGoat187/21 7:10PM
Need more Rock and Flying attacks in general (Archived)Moe_Lester_1377/21 7:03PM
YR: New Eeveelution is Revealed! (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh197/21 7:01PM
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Europe gets the trading card game on the eshop and the US doesn't? (Archived)
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The Fir Coat167/21 6:55PM
how do I breed for a 0 IV (Archived)RustyShak67/21 6:41PM
Rock Polish vs Agility Metagross (Poll)
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RadeonHD4250117/21 6:37PM
If I have an english copy but choose Japanese as my language, can I Masuda? (Archived)
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NOM197/21 6:30PM
Trainers of the Pokemon WorId Part 5 (Archived)mrballerswaggin57/21 6:28PM
Beat BP Eevee team with AV Goodra and it was HILARIOUS. (Archived)King_of_Flan47/21 6:23PM
Moveset/EV spread for Gengar/Garchomp/Lugia (Archived)2mmrat57/21 6:21PM
Trainers of the Pokemon World Part 5 (Archived)
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NanakoKyoko147/21 6:20PM