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Vgc and singles how different are they? (Archived)itachi0036/7 10:54AM
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Why is evasion still allowed in ubers on Smogon? (Archived)SnowxNeverLeft66/7 10:28AM
Tyrantrum setup. (Archived)Crimsonhead476/7 10:27AM
Your thoughts on Mega Ampharos? (Archived)
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zoomzoom9226/7 10:19AM
need a movest for my impish chespin (Archived)manlyman6956/7 10:14AM
I haven't played this game in over half a year... Have I missed any giveaways? (Archived)GooperBlooper56/7 10:06AM
I dislike Pokemon. (Archived)
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Dazz252206/7 9:49AM
What's the most efficient way to hatch eggs? (Archived)gsadr12336/7 9:35AM
I remember the rotom formes getting types never seen on other Pokemon and then (Archived)Chenmaster216/7 9:25AM
*Sigh* I guess we won't get an actual Fire/Dragon and Grass/Dragon line (Archived)wolf rider36/7 9:18AM
How can that abomination even Swift Swim anyway...? (Archived)Dark_Link92106/7 9:15AM
This battle had me soooo Salty afterwards (Archived)HNIC25936/7 9:10AM
Why is Mega Manectric such a failure? (Archived)
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KReborn436/7 9:09AM
Dark Pulse or Ice Beam for mixed Doubles Greninja? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr66/7 8:54AM
DIANCIE IS GETTING A NEW MEGA FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coro coro leaks (Archived)XSilentBladezX76/7 8:50AM
Bulky Zangoose: Rest vs. Quick Guard (Archived)
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CaptainZangoose216/7 8:44AM