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YR Milotic gets a... (Archived)
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Jayroach2137/2 6:31PM
So, what's the big, massive appeal in Eevee and it's evolutions? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt307/2 5:29PM
What is a good set for Lucario in the current metagame? (Archived)keybladesrus97/2 5:21PM
YR: Next Gen Series allows the Player to... (Archived)Sky_Legend107/2 5:08PM
Question about breeding with destiny knot (Archived)Link284197/2 5:02PM
EVs for Weakness Policy Aegislash? (Archived)Faust_827/2 4:57PM
Corsola is an underrated pokemon imo (Archived)KyrieIrving97/2 4:53PM
Nickname ideas for a female Misdreavus? (Archived)Calwyn17/2 4:40PM
We should definitely do this (Archived)
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Jayroach2137/2 4:37PM
Qualities I think Pokemon needs to change. (Archived)
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The_shoemaker257/2 4:23PM
Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions announced (Archived)
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RayCRP127/2 4:20PM
1st Gen Popularity Contest: R 1-Poll 11 - Snorlax, Primeape, Rattata, Poliwhirl (Poll)Paulo12397/2 4:20PM
Lets change the species of pokemon (Archived)stormier1257/2 3:53PM
Power Save Issues (Archived)MrDanSG137/2 3:48PM
Critique/rate/discuss my team please! :) (Archived)KungFuChicken6977/2 3:38PM
As much as I have loved playing the game so far... (Archived)Karpze67/2 3:35PM
Is there any tier that Mega Lucario belongs to? Is it Ubers? (Archived)
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HakuMan111386257/2 3:19PM
Empoleon is great (Archived)
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Datsonicfrag137/2 3:06PM
Competitive play is a joke (Archived)MegaRyan97/2 3:01PM
How Many Defense EVs Does Tim Howard Give (W/ Macho Brace)? (Archived)
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MoxieAdrenaline177/2 2:57PM