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If battling with a team of Pokemon of all the same typing such a bad idea... (Archived)Phenom1369/28/2013
Your reaction if.... (Archived)Wyvern5689/28/2013
Considering that B/W Dream World is going away... (Archived)
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New Picture of the Youngster design. (Archived)
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Do you predict Malamar will get self-buffing or self-debuffing attack moves? (Archived)Megumi sama89/28/2013
Quick Question. (Archived)THE_WTF_PANDA49/28/2013
Do you have an "open spot" in your team you use for any Pokemon? (Archived)
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Whenever you're being a baby about how Gamefreak decides to make their game (Archived)darkdragongirl89/28/2013
about streetpass. (Archived)invaderofdark79/28/2013
ZSo do you think they will announce anything during this Pokemon Smash (Archived)BoogieIsBack49/28/2013
Legendaries as free then paid DLC (Archived)
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C/D Dark types should be immune to Hypnosis (Archived)Bogmire21649/28/2013
Here's my take on Braixen's evolution (Archived)
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Since Garchomp is getting A mega (Archived)
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(Reads Pokedex entries on most Fighting-type Pokemon) (Archived)
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Do you think we will get more pokemon like Golurk and hydreigon? (Archived)Mcis197959/28/2013
Where can I preorder with release day delivery? (Archived)Solar121459/28/2013
People who don't like new Pokemon designs, would seeing them like this help you? (Archived)
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Do you want to see a Mega form of... #31 Beedrill (Poll)Vivisqeq59/28/2013
A Question about Pokemon Bank (Archived)wrightreyesrock79/28/2013