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You got your eight badges, and are entering the Pokemon League.SaffronCityGirl110/5/2013
So after checking Gamefaqs in middle of the meltdown, I can only say one thing:feeltheninjutsu1010/5/2013
so there's no 580 bst legendary trio for this gen?BowserWowser210/5/2013
National Dex..
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Only about 70 new pokemon??? Still buying lolKingChickadee110/5/2013
I think the Pokemon fans in Japan loved this gen even more than us.
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Would You Rather Have More New Pokemon and Less Megas or the Opposite?agent9149910/5/2013
OMG! You guys! These games are good don't be so silly!Spiega910/5/2013
I find it funnyPhoenixPrince810/5/2013
How do you feel about the new games?foxgamer92610/5/2013
Summary of the past 2 hours on the forums...Secret_starfall410/5/2013
There is still so much content!mecha_moogle1010/5/2013
I lost my faith in Nintendo.
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Wait.... were those all of the Mega Evolutions as well?
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So here we are still waiting... while Canada and Italy has all the fun
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Post, and rate your teamHierarchy225110/5/2013
Come on guys! Keep complaining, we're almost at 5000 pages!BikkiBikki810/5/2013
I'm glad there's not a lot of new pokemon.sesshomaru_55310/5/2013
Kalosbabby Defence Force is officialy in Maximum Damage Control Modefddsfsasf310/5/2013
You guys understand WHY they don't have many new Pokemon, right?
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