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transfer question (Archived)atrombatore210/3/2013
Welp, Goomy is definitely going in my team. (Archived)kabigon20510/3/2013
If only Chespin was a bird (Archived)Legendary_Musas310/3/2013
This list of Megas has been right so far. (Archived)Magikoopa1610/3/2013
Both games. One 3DS. Will I be able to trade with myself online? (Archived)Samusbresolino310/3/2013
New Pokemon? (Archived)
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Pokemon instagram leaker gets a special visit from Nintendo (Archived)
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Goomy should evolve into a Dragon / Fairy type (Poll)PK_Gaming710/3/2013
Attn #TeamChespin and#TeamFroakie (Archived)
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The Sachet will most likely evolve Spritzee (Archived)Hughs_Rage210/3/2013
~~ I Will Laugh IF...~~ (Archived)
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what do people like about goomy (Archived)
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Out of all the revealed pokemon...which 3 seem the worst competitively? (Archived)djmetal7771010/3/2013 last the first poop pokemon (Archived)djmetal777210/3/2013
How many old Pokemon do you plan on using in X/Y? (Archived)
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leaked version exclusives so far? (Archived)Mister_Kitty210/3/2013
So... Do you like Delphox? (Poll)
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Rough Stats (Archived)sfs324810/3/2013
When something is exclusive to X... (Archived)Sony_7810/3/2013
Post links for all leaked pokemon here (Archived)mexicannon510/3/2013