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Ah, so the original Mega Charizard is exclusive to Y. (Archived)cloud_8f8f110/2/2013
If Mega Charizard X is already black will it be orange if it's shiny? (Archived)Vaati_Reborn210/2/2013
Swapping Unique Pokemon between versions (Archived)TheSmarts210/2/2013
Street Date question (Archived)cybersonic233310/2/2013
I was dead set on y and now.... (Archived)Takethatback610/2/2013
Welp, to the 85 people who voted "Yes", I hope you're not disappointed. Spoilers (Archived)MoonLightCloud110/2/2013
I'm getting X (Archived)UsarNaem610/2/2013
Mega Stone spotted in Pokemon: Origins (Archived)
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THIS lS TOO MUCH!!!! (Archived)zado19110/2/2013
They need to make a leaking tap pokemon (Archived)KillerMechanoid110/2/2013
Two different Mega Charizards? (Archived)Hierarchy225210/2/2013
Un-perfected Mega evolution? (Archived)Takethatback510/2/2013
Charizard is the ultimate Pokemon... (Archived)ssj_duelist310/2/2013
Do we know what time the leaker went to bed/what timezone he's in? (Archived)
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So what is this about Bulletproof comics breaking the street date? (Archived)
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He has awoken from his slumber!! (Archived)Coxydon410/2/2013
Why trade for a farfetch if he can be found in the wild :( (Archived)Genow110/2/2013
Is leaker hiding new Pokemon intentionally? (Archived)
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Good morning, any news on Quiladin's evo yet? (Archived)henriue310/2/2013
I'm not going to read any of the leak/spoiler topics, but I have to know... (Archived)Solar_Crimson210/2/2013