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What does Fennekin say? (Archived)novaBung030789/23/2013
Something I really want in this game: (Archived)Snubbybill59/23/2013
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Anyone have a feeling Manaphy would become part Fairy? (Archived)FryDays500089/23/2013
You know the best thing about Dream World closing down? (Archived)
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What if Iris could be the champion? X/Y Edition (Archived)bwburke9479/23/2013
Is it unfair to begin the game with all the starters? (Archived)
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C/D: We need a Ghost/Steel (w/ Flash Fire) Wall for this Gen (Poll)Reginleif2059/23/2013
6 best pokemon group (Archived)
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Pokemon X and Y anime special trailer (Archived)
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If I get this instead of Y (Archived)DZilla108039/23/2013
So is any of the Megas going to exceed Arceus 720 BST? (Archived)
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In Game Gifted Egg (Archived)DrDon_Chi39/23/2013
Release date...? (Archived)tokunagas49/23/2013
What Pokemon Should I EV Train Next? (Poll)ZarthimusPrime109/23/2013
Please tell me there won't be any dreamworld nonsense (Archived)
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Sylveon hidden ability? (Archived)Zacks_Fair39/23/2013
Did you catch Missingno back in r/b/y? (Archived)
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How would you react if Iron Tail got buffed? (Archived)scrappybristol39/23/2013
Rate my mechanic idea out of 10, and help me think of a name and boost amount. (Poll)-Unowninator-69/23/2013