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Have any of the leakers made it to the Mountain Dex yet? (Archived)NeonDragon9000110/2/2013
Chespin is cool and all, but he is not Golbez (Archived)PowerOats910/2/2013
Cheers to the fox who has the worst final evolution out of the 3 starters (Archived)
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How sure are we that it's Grass/Fighting? (Archived)iLovePinkiePie510/2/2013
Quick question (Archived)rdguevara610/2/2013
Diggersby (Archived)giants9281610/2/2013
And you guys said Greninja was fake. (Archived)Meta289110/2/2013
Do we only have 1 pic of Chespin's final evo? (Archived)smashman92310/2/2013
All stage 3 start evos (spoilers) (Archived)plasmawisp1713110/2/2013
My feelings about the starter's final evolutions. (Archived)Sakurafanboy410/2/2013
GF has officially run out of ideas. (Archived)
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Chesnaught is fake, Greninja is fake, Delphox is most likely real (Archived)
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Out of the following names what should I name the Greninja (Archived)YangDragonSting910/2/2013
So we are all in agreement then. (Archived)
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Chesnaught gender differences? (Archived)
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Chesnaught, Wivixen, and Greninja (Poll)
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2 Chesnauts? (Archived)w00t19961010/2/2013
My Pokemon told me they were going to get me parents (Archived)ExtremeKazron610/2/2013
Chesnaught suspicion (Archived)
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Guess I'm just gonna box any starter I get this gen. (Archived)p00platys310/2/2013