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What's a good user of sunny day in the RU and UU tier? (Archived)Edwen027/17 11:35AM
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Do you think a 6IVs Naive / Hasty Yveltal exists? (Archived)
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lusofuso227/17 11:11AM
How safe is powersaves? (Archived)chris_cowell67/17 11:04AM
Have You Ever Saved Your Game More Then Once Because it Saved Too Fast? (Poll)
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Jessie2012237/17 11:04AM
Do you think Diancie is hot? (Poll)
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KyrieIrving5007/17 10:59AM
YR:There is also a offensive version of Eviolite (Archived)
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Carlos994197/17 10:55AM
breeding lighting rod pikachu (Archived)ej1747/17 10:47AM
Whose a better Defensive Baton Passer? Vaporeon, or Drifblim? (Archived)GravelKing87/17 10:37AM
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Would a MegaSeviper be usable if... (Archived)Vito21947/17 10:32AM
What's a good nature for a Vulpix? (Archived)Darkhero55557/17 10:30AM
YR: Ghost-Type Eeveelution is the spirit of a dead Eevee (Archived)
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TheFightingPoly247/17 10:18AM
Unevolved Pokemon that would be scary with Eviolite (Archived)
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Carlos994117/17 10:17AM
Oh yea doubles totally isn't a stall format. (Archived)Judgmenl97/17 10:17AM
Wanting to trade a Charizardite y for Charizardite x (Archived)Grimmjow_D47/17 10:07AM
What's the quickest way to get poke dollars. (Archived)
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skip_dog137/17 10:04AM
Charge Beam Furfrou OP (Archived)
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Hydregionzek177/17 10:02AM