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Should I keep this Fancy Vivillon or keep going? (Poll)BlueDryBones167/13 9:45AM
Would you like Mega to be permanent and Mega Stones treated as evolution stones? (Archived)
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King_of_Flan227/13 9:41AM
No Pokemon with the special Ribbons can be traded over GTS, correct? (Archived)King_of_Flan77/13 9:35AM
A Game. Win with Gardevoir! (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry367/13 9:33AM
Fake Out Scrafty moveset for VGC (Archived)
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stardustehero157/13 9:27AM
Diggersby EVS (Archived)Finalfayte52537/13 9:26AM
Shiny Stoutland FT (Archived)mckly27/13 9:17AM
What would you do if Aegislash was banned? (Poll)
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supremeblaster697/13 9:16AM
What typing should i add to this team? (Archived)Lucario25937/13 9:13AM
Dear Ferrothorn (Archived)
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fawful_X2017/13 8:51AM
GAME Event Charizard Question (Archived)OCD-Pokemon67/13 8:50AM
POLL: Do you expect Thundurus to get suspect-tested? (Poll)SOAD5657107/13 8:45AM
What would you like to see as Mega-Metagross' new ability? (Poll)
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SorrySleeping127/13 8:36AM
How would you feel if the "3rd game" is a prequel set during.... (spoilers) (Archived)
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paipr137/13 8:15AM
So isn't the starter you get from Shauna post game(possible spoiler) (Archived)crazydragonz3r047/13 8:04AM
I can part with a pokebank Celebi...what can you offer? (Archived)ItalianIdiot47/13 7:57AM
To Mega or Not To Mega? (Day 21- Manectric vs Mega Manectric) (Poll)TheWhiskaz67/13 7:53AM
Best nature for mixed attacker nidoking? (Archived)matt-nicklin47/13 7:35AM
Why are all the good moves tutor moves? (Archived)tyranitarteeth97/13 7:32AM
Quick question about Ditto. (Archived)Raltrios37/13 7:29AM