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Name one fully evolved Pokemon ITT. (Archived)
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Cpt_Calamity906/5 4:12AM
Bored and want to hear Ragequit Stories (Archived)
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Serpent9891326/5 3:54AM
First match back (Archived)Jayroach256/5 3:48AM
whats the best nature for Pumpkaboo (Archived)hesu200046/5 3:22AM
What is a "gimmicky" set? (Archived)
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ItsDat1Zangoose216/5 3:20AM
Which one do you like more: Round 60 - Jirachi or Celebi? (Poll)
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Paulo123126/5 3:06AM
Pokemon Y Egglocke (Archived)TepigSnivy76/5 2:24AM
Who is the artist that did the art for Pokemon Conquest? (Archived)Blingya2526/5 1:39AM
Scald always burns but Fissure always misses (Archived)spooky9686/5 1:24AM
How does one "powersave"? (Archived)KReborn76/5 1:20AM
Wow, so you literally can't finish that 1000 Pokemon game without StreetPass. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson116/5 1:15AM
Still no legit way to get Mew unless you have one from past events, right? (Archived)NOM106/5 1:05AM
What are some good Physical attackers that can pair with Cofagrigus? (Archived)bT-p_q-Td106/5 12:42AM
why does it not let machamp learn stone edge? (Archived)Dwhite_186/5 12:36AM
What's the point of Mega Latios? (Archived)
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sonic2307516/5 12:33AM
Is powersaves suddenly down for anyone? (Archived)ShinyPspTitans66/5 12:16AM
Powersaves Users (Archived)kagenoronin8726/5 12:12AM
Best moveset for Feraligatr? (Archived)
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KazamA87196/5 12:03AM
Best pokemon that cannot Evolve ROUND 5! (Poll)DenpaMenRevive86/4 11:53PM
quick question (Archived)1998_z26/4 10:55PM