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I hope unowns are in gen 6 (Archived)KHEARTPOKEMON57/24/2013
I don't see what is so great about the Hoenn Champion theme... (Archived)Noctus367/24/2013
Will this game have all the old poke? (Archived)
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Stunfisk should be available during the main story of X and Y. (Poll)
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Do you think if the Z legendary is a snake... (Archived)
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What I'm expecting of the Kalos region (Archived)uuurrrggh37/24/2013
Here are the pics I took with the Pokemon Emerald cartridge. (Archived)
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so how will all of spinda's forms be in this game? (Archived)Genericgamer66727/24/2013
They should follow Pikachu's example (Archived)Toasty_Kabal107/24/2013
Getting Poisoned should lower special attack :) (Archived)
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If Charizard was made last gen, it wouldn't get nearly as much flack as it does. (Archived)
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For those of you upset that there is no clock on the bottom screen now (Archived)
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ITT: we hypothesize what the signatures moves will be. (Archived)uuurrrggh77/24/2013
I hope they fix the GTS this gen...what do you want to see added/changed? (Archived)
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Favorite gimmick Pokemon? (Poll)
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Which Pokemon game should I replay? (Archived)Floopik57/24/2013
people that act like they know everything about pokemon annoy me! (Archived)
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Theorymoning here but how viable would quickstall be ingen 6 (Archived)carpediempimp107/24/2013
Male Sylveon is best Sylveon (Archived)Second_Chances107/24/2013
I found a fake Swirlix evolution (Archived)Mudkip4347/24/2013