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Best Gneration Poll (Poll)Sniperdog11759/22 10:52AM
Gamefreak's agenda against Ice types
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mclovinreturns219/22 10:42AM
demo date predictionftbplyr98159/22 10:40AM
is just me or excadrill feels nerfedaryanbrar39/22 10:31AM
I found a glitch that gives me a shiny ralts everytime...
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Lontoxic_Beans3279/22 10:22AM
Aegislash in doublesFroggie4869/22 10:11AM
I just need 1 more Pokemon for the FairyCup.Should I use Togekiss or Whimsicott?
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-Unowninator-209/22 9:57AM
which weaknesses or resistances do you consider the most Random? ^_^geno4life29/22 9:51AM
Evolution itemsRPGkitsune69/22 9:50AM
Masuda method questiontoken_swordsman79/22 8:32AM
What gen 6 Pokemon have good abilities?xxgamer91xx39/22 8:18AM
A moment of silence for all of the Pokemon I lost.
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Alpha218489/22 7:54AM
Gamefreak should make a Lugia and Ho-Oh crossevolution named...
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hodelino299/22 7:50AM
I don't know how old this is but it sounds interesting.............Bearacudda9859/22 7:43AM
Which feature would you like to see most? (Poll)
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Bearacudda98279/22 7:37AM
When you think about it, the life of the lowest ranked E4 member must suck...Aadiboy289/22 7:36AM
Is Pokemon accuracy comparable to grades?srzg59/22 7:32AM
So can we agree that diancie sucks
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Mr155551179/22 7:20AM
Why did smogon ban shadow tag in UU?Lobster4459/22 7:15AM
Is this how you've been pronouncing Aegislash?
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NiinjaDylan719/22 7:11AM