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To what extent can you get away with a "worse" pokemon competitively? (Archived)Stanemac1267/15 1:26AM
Best rage quit ever (I would've lost)(showdown replay) (Archived)flamepelt57/15 1:22AM
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To Mega or Not To Mega? (Day 22- Mawile vs Mega Mawile) (Poll)
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TheWhiskaz117/15 1:05AM
C/D Professor Sycamore was... (Archived)MegaSableye57/15 12:59AM
8 reasons why Jirachi is getting Fairy type (Archived)
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Lulzard177/15 12:54AM
Are you serious Smoron? Literally thinking of banning Mega-Gengar (Archived)
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cardoor1233697/15 12:53AM
Mega Doublade, Mega Zangoose, and Mega Mega Gardevoir? (Archived)samus88587/15 12:48AM
Mega Metagross having Tough Claws confirmed (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman207/15 12:37AM
Can someone plz help me? (Archived)ChibiDialga47/15 12:20AM
Mega Metagross floats four feet off of the ground... (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform157/15 12:15AM
Need help! Very Important! (Sorta. Not really.) (Archived)ShadowAngemon17/15 12:06AM
What do you imagine your Base Attack, Defense, and Speed would be? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname787/15 12:03AM
Seviper vs Zangoose hints at their possible Mega evolutions!? (Archived)
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MissCarriage287/15 12:01AM
Trading Pokemon through FC in Pokemon Y (Archived)Rmoscoso9457/14 11:56PM
How good are deported Pokemon? (Archived)
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MarioKart1234147/14 11:55PM
Can you get bad eggs in x and y? (Archived)stillwasted17/14 11:41PM
Peeps saying they're up for a battle but don't accept... (Archived)ssupermario9267/14 11:37PM
What item should i give my pokemon? (Archived)Lucario25997/14 11:05PM
Capture Events (Poll)MegaSableye67/14 10:59PM