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why is there no truly wicked and demonic legendary yet? (Archived)
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so let me get this straight............ (Archived)MonkeyDTim98/13/2013
"Insert person" is a Bug type. (Archived)LazHarshaw98/13/2013
Mega Xerneas and Mega Yveltal - X and Y sequel mascots? (Archived)Tuoko28/13/2013
Unreliable narration and the Pokedex. (Archived)kaiser ryu18/13/2013
What role should Red become if GF decided to bring him as cameo? (Archived)vanalpsen78/13/2013
Concerning about Pokemon Global Link's shutdown... (Archived)levyjl198838/13/2013
so is there any way to trade pokemon to this game from leaf green without a DS? (Archived)jrr18108/13/2013
Have any of you guys seen (Archived)LightningAce1138/13/2013
What if Gamefreak added a Special Based Bug/Steel type w/ Flash Fire? (Archived)Hierarchy22598/13/2013
Is it considered cheating if you transfer a completely different team to beat (Archived)gans62698/13/2013
pokeluka and Dragonith on dA make Mega Pokemon ideas (Archived)BottledPoe58/13/2013
What form of battling would you like to introduce? (Archived)
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Gen transfer question (Archived)chronotrig10048/13/2013
If fairy is another way to kill dragons will that mean they will become rare? (Archived)Mcis197938/13/2013
So how will Ditto work with Mega Evolutions? (Archived)CaptainRandom188/13/2013
I found a picture of a new leaked Pokemon (Archived)supdawg22288/13/2013
Can I get charmander, squirtle and bulbasaur into the game? (Archived)hulkster2386968/13/2013
Rocky Helmet+ Mega Kangaskhan+ status ailment= Good Game (Archived)
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Faerie type. (Archived)
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