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Do you think the changes are made by Arceus?? (Archived)toxica49/11/2013
Both mewtwos look awful.. I'll just wait for Pokemon Z (Archived)Gilberto69/11/2013
Let's say this Pokken game is a Pokemon fighting game... (Archived)
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Did Dark types really get nerfed? (Archived)MrFingers07109/11/2013
The three starters' stereotypes (Archived)KwonJigglypuff69/11/2013
How come every leaker takes pictures of the magazine? (Archived)BR0DE059/11/2013
New type Chart in English (Archived)ParadoxSepi19/11/2013
Isit just me or (Archived)DarkRoad0649/11/2013
The New Mega mewtwo (Archived)Slayerblade1169/11/2013
Now only one thing left for today/tomorrow (Archived)fuzi1119/11/2013
So I just came back. (Archived)Jrx159/11/2013
That's so sad I'm upset (Archived)
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Chespin Balloon (Archived)Radbot4299/11/2013
That Rock/Ice Pokemon should've been a baby Lapras :( (Archived)
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Evols of starters. Not a looker in the bunch (Archived)ssj_duelist89/11/2013
freeze skin = flying, grass, ground, dragon types worse fears... (Archived)
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Keldeo Suspect Voting thread is up. Would you, personally, ban it? :o (Poll)MrFingers0789/11/2013
Anyone else think that Fennekin's final evo will be a witch/wizard? (Archived)GoGoat99/11/2013
I hope "Ninjokie" learns ninjutsu (Archived)MechaKirby19/11/2013
If Nyaonikusu has different movepools for each gender, why isn't it two Pokemon? (Archived)Conflagration99/11/2013