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mega kanga (Archived)jneal5788/10/2013
Can we expect to see mega kanto starters? (Archived)Mynameispaul9638/10/2013
Anyone else sad that mega forms will be an excuse to not give proper evos? (Archived)
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People Calm down! They did not copy digimon. (Archived)
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Pikachu doesn't get a Mega form (Archived)
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mech dragon168/10/2013
How many of you still have your very first Pokemon? (Archived)
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Mega Absol or Dark/Flying Absol Evolution? (Poll)RE4everMK78/10/2013
Did Lucario steal Riku's skirt? (Archived)ninjaraui58/10/2013
can mega pokemon evolve? >_> (Archived)YoyokuKO28/10/2013
Pokemon needs to take lessons from TWEWY... (Archived)djmetal77738/10/2013
C/D: Zetta Pokemon sounds cooler than Mega. (Archived)gladwyn101108/10/2013
So Mega Evolutions are like Super Saiyan Pokemon? (Archived)Dark_Zoroark98/10/2013
Mega Kangaskhan video (Archived)
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Your reaction: MegaCharizard is still Fire/Flying, but... (Archived)
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Do you like Japanese people? (Archived)
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We all know that the Torchic event means there will be no gen 3 remakes (Archived)
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Don't want to seem rude here but... (Archived)LegendofDarkrai98/10/2013
Can someone compile a list of new features/etc we know of? (Archived)SupahJem88/10/2013
Mega Kangaskhan is just wrong (Archived)
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I'll laugh if Mega Charizard ends up looking similar to this (Archived)Rad_Dudesman88/10/2013