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uhhh possible starter evos (Archived)
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Am I the only one who will not customize the character? (Archived)
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When the game is out, how many posters.. (Archived)Hierarchy225109/2/2013
Why using software/rng abuse to get legal stats IS cheating (Archived)
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I hope this Gen is as big as B/W 2 Unova but not as linear (Archived)djmetal77799/2/2013
How would you react if these Pokemon got the following? (Archived)DragonNinja133729/2/2013
I'm a little scared to battle competitively (Archived)unknowninfo77589/2/2013
Pokemon you're most looking forward to petting (Archived)
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to settle the food pokemon debate once and for all (Archived)powerprotoman29/2/2013
So is this true about the new Global Trade Station? (Archived)Nathbuds12359/2/2013
How many of you... (Archived)
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How do you think GF can improve defensive pokemon? tanks, stallers, sponges, etc (Archived)Balthier200919/2/2013
Any news on new real evolve forms yet? (Archived)
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I hope we get two evil teams. (Archived)LightningAce1179/2/2013
MissingNo becomes an official pokemon in Gen 6 (Poll)
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Since Mewtwo is heavily promoted this generation... (Archived)
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What do you think it's like being trapped in a pokeball? (Archived)
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Why are Ice types so limited in regards to moves while Water types aren't? (Archived)MissCarriage59/2/2013
When X and Y are out, Z comes out... (Archived)johnydrexel29/2/2013
IV Dialga (Archived)FireLordJeff19/2/2013