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Is Mega Ampharos really becoming part dragon? (Archived)
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So how in depth are the online features? (Archived)Blocktopus28/10/2013
What if Ampharos got Tail Glow... (Archived)Duncanwii108/10/2013
any possibility of a demo on the e-shop? (Archived)brentvh68/10/2013
So, what is your verdict on mega evolutions so far? (Poll)
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im glad we have another female fighting gym leader but... (Archived)
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I don't think Mega Stones will be able to be knocked off/tricked. (Archived)Hierarchy22538/10/2013
Rate your favorite pokemon generation designs (Archived)
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Voice Commands in Battles? (Archived)
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Your reaction: Mega Pokemon can use 5 moves in battle once transformed (Archived)ssj4warrior28/10/2013
MegaMewtwo question (Archived)Immortal_Chaos748/10/2013
Possible triggers for some of the Mega transformations (Archived)
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How will MegaAbsol affect competitive battle? (Archived)calender6878/10/2013
You can only have one Mega Evolution in a battle. (Archived)
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How do you feel about the design of Mega Lucario? (Poll)
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FYI: If MegaLucarios has the same stats, it can OHKO max hp def Hippowdon (Archived)
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Ray Gun538/10/2013
While I wait I might as well play some good gams. How abot you huys? (Archived)ashcrv58/10/2013
How come MegaAmphys fabulous hair is now a meme but Reshiram's never became one? (Archived)abcDSBT28/10/2013
C/D: Arceus should get at least one of the following signature moves (Archived)gladwyn10118/10/2013
Bunnelby (Archived)R-A-V38/10/2013