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Hoping Dragonair and/or Dragonite becomes dragon/fairy (Archived)
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Pokemon vs xbox one vs ps4 (Archived)Aurawhisperer77/12/2013
Ash and his Pokedex (Archived)DarkRoad0687/12/2013
C/D: We should be able to access the next Pokedex app from the game. (Poll)gladwyn10127/12/2013
Anybody thinks its a good idea to play through X/Y like in Red/Blue (Archived)GangstaLizard9557/12/2013
What makes Pokemon great to you? (Archived)
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Chibi Gym Leaders horrify me (Archived)deathbycookies27/12/2013
x and y switched? (Archived)Houdinidope47/12/2013
If Dual-typed attacks are real... (Archived)Meta289107/12/2013
Houndor in the kalos pokedex? (Archived)LightningAce1127/12/2013
From the offical site: Spritzee's fragrance changes based on its diet (Archived)
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Does it fit?: Episode 1 (Archived)Biased_Gamer17/12/2013
Playthroughs after the first are always something of a nightmare for me (Archived)MultiShadow10117/12/2013
Inkay's typing (Archived)TanyaGD77/12/2013
Correct if I'm wrong... (Archived)matthew_9447/12/2013
The big non-Evolving/two stage Pokemon need to have Prevolution(s) (Archived)Biased_Gamer47/12/2013
Dumb predictions. (Archived)
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Tacorupt, the deliciously spicy pokemon (Archived)
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The rumored move "Belch" used against a Fairy-type. (Archived)IngSlayer27/12/2013
Favorite non-human primate Pokemon line (Poll)DoctorPiranha377/12/2013