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Thing I'm mostly scared of :( (Archived)HunterTrainer7289/6/2013
need for mega-everstone (Archived)LotrMorgoth39/6/2013
Does anyone else do this? (Archived)Rahjik49/6/2013
I wonder: what other Megas could there be? (Archived)
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Here are my fan names for the new Kanto starter megalutions (Archived)
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Pokemon Tough Talk (Archived)
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2 pokemon you think would be great battle buddies... (Archived)paipr79/6/2013
I want to see this kind of Direct Attacks in future Pokemon Games (Archived)Nightstar199429/6/2013
Anyone else not going to use Kanto Starters in Kalos? (Archived)
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Why isn't Steel weak to Water? (Archived)
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Grass should be SE against Steel because orange juice corrodes metal. (Archived)CakeOfLies49/6/2013
It has literally been two days now, and people are still crying ad nauseam...... (Archived)necromencer322799/6/2013
Man Brock is so hot (Archived)BluntGrunt79/6/2013
Got my Shiny Dialga from GAME today, an interesting observation (Archived)GilgameshSwords39/6/2013
I am getting Froakie because of Charmander. Anyone with me? (Archived)1312198799/6/2013
Question about game language (Archived)G_Aker91049/6/2013
I've just about HAD IT with the damn POKEBANK threads! (Archived)BluntGrunt39/6/2013
You guys are gonna get the game and later on the bank, so stop complaining lol. (Archived)TinyTankX59/6/2013
Well I guess the next step is a DNA evolution... (Archived)AnthonyBrock289/6/2013
How would you feel about this Weather Condition? (Archived)
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