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Gen Five Megas that should be. (Archived)
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Did you pick your starter from R/B/G in X/Y? (Poll)
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All the starters you ever chose (Archived)
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The Item That Took You The Longest Amount of Time To Find. (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh257/9 5:20PM
My idea for a mega-deoxys........ (Archived)
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Which Pokemon should be the replacement? (Somewhat of a rate my team topic) (Archived)stardustehero47/9 5:12PM
Can traded Latios not learn Draco Meteor? (Archived)
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Predict the next Smogon ban after Deoxys-D and Deoxys-S (Poll)
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GameFreak needs to retcon the types of some of the fire starters. (Archived)ThatKipp87/9 4:38PM