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Which one do you like more: Round 81 - Serperior or Rapidash? (Poll)
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Rate my team plz (Archived)
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Bill6288166/16 2:29AM
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ITT: We're looking for the best Mamoswine Nickname (Archived)
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hodelino166/16 1:27AM
How do you beat sylveon? (Archived)
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itrainpokemon216/16 1:09AM
Stealth Rock Tyranitar? EVs, Nature, and Moveset (Archived)SoulSurvivor-66/16 12:55AM
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Who's your Pokemon rival(s) IRL? (Archived)
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ItsDat1Zangoose136/16 12:38AM
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Building a mono-dragon team - tips, advice? (Archived)wantfastcars56/16 12:21AM
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Trying to get a Dragonair in the Friend Safari but... (Archived)
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LittleBigX146/15 11:40PM
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Is N Harmonia Wally? (Archived)
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Thenetbattler69156/15 11:27PM
Question for people who don't use Clawritzer. (Archived)
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PhoenixWroggi136/15 10:50PM