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Slightly off-topic I suppose, but a Pokemon's life span... (Archived)
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legendrider125/25 6:00PM
Think of a Pokemon before entering (Archived)
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Matthew3DSGamer155/25 5:56PM
Need someone to help me evolve Porygon! (Archived)xoons55/25 5:39PM
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Can you harvest more than one Enigma Berry? (Archived)gsadr12345/25 5:13PM
whats the best nature for Electabuzz? (Archived)hesu200055/25 5:06PM
Is Hone Claws worth it on a Blaziken? (Archived)Stover4645/25 5:05PM
how would you feel about a consumable item that doubles stat gains? (Archived)CarefreeDude85/25 5:00PM
Help with my Pokemon X team please! (Archived)
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EthanConnor125/25 4:38PM
I got a new pokemon plushie, can you guess what it is? (Archived)
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pokemon2poker195/25 4:34PM
My online stats say I own 393 Pokemon, but my Dex is at 718 and I have had the (Archived)King_of_Flan75/25 4:22PM
Which is better? (Battle Maison Help) (Archived)gsadr12315/25 4:08PM
GF Really needs to do something to make these stupid rage quits STOP! (Archived)MegaSableye45/25 4:05PM
Choose Z/D and think of a Pokemon (Archived)Hydregionzek55/25 4:00PM
Help me build a team (Archived)Puffywunders45/25 3:59PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Flying Round 1&2 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14125/25 3:57PM
Good way to counter the speed drop in Curse. (Archived)
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SomeLikeItHoth155/25 3:53PM
Smogon's Baton Pass suspect test is rigged (Archived)
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SnowxNeverLeft595/25 3:51PM