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When can we explore Cynthia's region again? (Archived)
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wolf rider656/15 5:50PM
The Baton Pass nerf was logical and necessary (Archived)
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KReborn206/15 5:48PM
Suggestions for a How to Train Your Dragon-inspired team (Archived)
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QuantumWolf216/15 5:41PM
How do I use the Impish Giratina? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife86/15 5:25PM
Make my mono-grass team (Archived)
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CptFluttershy206/15 5:22PM
What's a good Mightyena moveset? (Archived)KyrieIrving26/15 5:06PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Electric Round 1.3 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14116/15 5:00PM
RMT! <3 (Archived)
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Redmest296/15 5:00PM
Should they ban evasion moves in VGC and also put a Sleep clause? (Archived)
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milotic44326/15 4:57PM
Friend Safari help. (Archived)RosannaLouise26/15 4:48PM
What is/are powersaves? (Archived)OurDailyBran46/15 4:41PM
Smogon can't beat Baton Pass so they nerf it (Archived)
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zelionx376/15 4:38PM
Pokeball Changer - Anyone want it? (Archived)Sabeeeeh56/15 4:37PM
Question about breeding (Archived)Excalibur012336/15 4:24PM
a moveset for keldeo (Archived)yveltianknight986/15 4:11PM
:O Pokemon roleplay? (Archived)carcinoCancer36/15 3:57PM
If they do remake Emerald, think we'll be able to obtain Mew? (Archived)GravelKing96/15 3:55PM
Why does the pokemon anime cancel episodes? (Archived)claireturnpike86/15 3:52PM
Doublade needs a recovery move. (Archived)MegaDoublade36/15 3:43PM
Which one do you like more: Round 80 - Chesnaught or Blastoise? (Poll)Paulo123106/15 2:59PM