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Charizard... standing? (Archived)
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BR0DE0147/11 8:49PM
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Bred a perfect Duskull. But... (Archived)MegaSableye77/11 8:27PM
A new ability where megastones are nullified while that Pokemon is on the field. (Archived)
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Sky_High_Dx137/11 8:23PM
Your view on hawlucha (Poll)CubeTheLwNoob87/11 8:21PM
Smogon is suspect testing Aegislash (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan277/11 8:12PM
Best 3 moves for Switcheroo Specs Noivern? (Archived)SOAD565777/11 8:11PM
creating a new tier. (Archived)
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Latiosispro127/11 8:08PM
Best Vivillon Pattern Day 4 (Poll)Gunsandredroses37/11 8:07PM
Any reason not to run Pinpocket on Weavile? (Archived)
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GShadowBroker387/11 8:06PM
My first reaction when I used flying press with hawlucha (Archived)pigfish99107/11 8:03PM
Is tynamo really rare or something? (Archived)rjvcrisen547/11 7:58PM
Which of these pokemon would make the best rug. (Poll)
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lolsophia7287/11 7:49PM
What is each gen of Pokemon's "Curse"? (Archived)
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wantfastcars217/11 7:46PM
Why can't Gyarados learn Crunch (Archived)
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Judgmenl207/11 7:43PM
Mega Diancie (Archived)RedRaven_67/11 7:42PM
Venusaur was faster than Cinccino? (Archived)
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INateYou177/11 7:41PM
So, is Diancie officially worthless, now? (Archived)DMC_Trixie97/11 7:39PM
Any recommendations for an Arcues nature? (Archived)pmaster57/11 7:39PM
Ever since the Deos were banned, I've been seeing more LandoManec. (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman177/11 7:30PM