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Y'all should try Octillery! (Archived)Fosho2216/15 10:50PM
Is this a good mewtwo? (Archived)
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discodancer77136/15 10:38PM
Garchomp is dropping in usage. (Archived)
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LightningAce11196/15 10:37PM
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Favorite Rotom form (Poll)CptFluttershy106/15 10:30PM
Help me reinvent my team (Archived)duskblack36/15 10:25PM
I just got my Huge Power Slaking in the mail today (Archived)
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Leonardo_Borgia176/15 10:10PM
Wow. I just hatched my first 6IV Pokemon ever (Archived)gamerman5716/15 10:09PM
Super Cloning Problem! Help! (Archived)ZeldaInk16/15 10:01PM
what are the chances (Archived)ozmir2246/15 9:51PM
Any artists here who like making Pokemon art? (Archived)AndresRafaelH26/15 9:49PM
Aaaaand North America still doesn't have more than three XY events. (Archived)
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Judgmenl236/15 9:34PM
I got my Choice Band Mega Mawile in the mail today (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon246/15 9:30PM
How rare is a white-flower Flabebe? (Archived)
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elmerlamps276/15 9:28PM
How does the IV judge work? Also is this Ghaslty and Mawile worth raising? (Archived)mangolians36/15 8:53PM
Do you think Baton Pass will be nerfed? (Poll)
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ZeldaTPLink606/15 8:46PM
PuP Assault Vest Dusknoir (Archived)
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lawlnope156/15 8:43PM
Hiw do i gwt the shiny charm? (Archived)Miranda_Evans56/15 8:41PM
Watching Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff146/15 8:37PM
Worth Using this Lucario? (Archived)
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Crimsin_Giblet126/15 8:35PM