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seriously three more events for Japan (Archived)
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SavageSunbobo457/11 5:39PM
Gen 2 Moveset Help Needed (Archived)mrthecheeseguy47/11 5:34PM
I just realized both Cofagrigus and Slaking are usable in the RU tier... (Archived)
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Lady-Lucy217/11 5:29PM
Forbidden Pokeball (Archived)
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Infernarl137/11 5:19PM
Noobs who use mega khan and still ragequit (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob117/11 5:11PM
diancie's stat distribution (Archived)
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yveltianknight9127/11 5:10PM
need help evolving scyther (Archived)Cake4Everyone17/11 5:09PM
Need some help with moves for Tyrantrum (Archived)
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AChubbyNun117/11 5:00PM
1st Gen Popularity Contest: R 2 - Poll 4 - Dewgong, Venomoth, Kabutops, Primeape (Poll)Paulo123107/11 4:52PM
Can thick fat be bred? (Archived)adam03019287/11 4:46PM
Your Favorite Food-Like Pokemon? (Archived)Sabeeeeh107/11 4:41PM
Post 1 Pokemon in each type. Without reusing ones that have been already used! (Archived)Killzonegaming57/11 4:39PM
Do you like Talonflame? (Poll)
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lawlnope367/11 4:37PM
Need help with trading kadabra to evolve (Archived)Ap56372717/11 4:11PM
Help for a miltank (NU) set (Archived)Whimsiowl37/11 4:06PM
Has anyone had success with a Gravity team in doubles? (Archived)celticpride677/11 4:00PM
Any one else battle in the Eevee friendly today? (Archived)Kibaman107/11 3:55PM
Event Pokemon (Vivillion) Question (Archived)Manny_San60267/11 3:45PM
Funny Rage Quit (Archived)GDGuitar9537/11 3:29PM
Best Vivillon Pattern Day 3 (Poll)Gunsandredroses47/11 3:25PM