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Ferrothorn with Flash Fire. (double battles). (Archived)ArmoredGuns77/12 5:08PM
Mr. Mime goes 6-0 in Randbats. Smogon should ban it for being too uber. (Archived)Muffinz0rz47/12 5:06PM
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DEnIsSsS's new AegisPass set (Archived)
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wolf rider337/12 4:52PM
Is it normal to be getting this many errors during the online competitions? (Archived)Lucidious8927/12 4:51PM
FT: Event Victini w/V-Create LF: Diancie (Archived)Phantom073127/12 4:49PM
Do Hacked Parents Make Hacked Children... (Archived)
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bam1991dbz1577/12 4:47PM
Hey how about Smogon bans Protect/Detect (Archived)
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Judgmenl307/12 4:43PM
Spitballing: Mega Linoone & Mightyena (Archived)
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RatheV117/12 4:39PM
Unburden Sceptile and mega evolution (Archived)MineralPlusBox77/12 4:39PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Water Round 1.2 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14147/12 4:38PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Water Round 1.3 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14117/12 4:38PM
Pokemon you think should not get fairy type but other people do? (Archived)fredie1127/12 4:36PM
How do you find out what's in your friend safari? (Archived)Sora_Anbu37/12 4:33PM
Battle Maison MegaMom set? (Archived)Hydregionzek67/12 4:25PM
Where is Skarmony? (Archived)rmac557/12 4:22PM
Should I keep this event Vivillon? (Archived)Kaoshi_San47/12 4:21PM