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How much information do you think will be kept hidden until release? (Archived)Night_Shade11528/11/2013
Stat boosts not base stat changes? (Archived)imBuddyless28/11/2013
MegaMewtwo vs MegaLucario (Archived)Hierarchy22568/11/2013
Will Mawile will make a big jump to UU? (Archived)Burrito_Invader28/11/2013
Honestly the worst thing that ever happened to the Pokemon series was... (Archived)
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Anyone want some pokemon? (Archived)Michael-Ike-9108/11/2013
New evolution method (Archived)waterpkmaster0648/11/2013
Region Locks (Archived)
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Guys, quick! We must defend the Mega Evolutions! (Archived)SalsaSavant38/11/2013
All these new features has me wondering if this will be the most Pokemon ever. (Archived)Daemonscharm78/11/2013
Jumping in with X/Y - How to be competitive (Archived)
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Really surprised Mega Absol isn't Dark/Fairy (Archived)
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With Blaziken getting a Mega Evolution. it's so obvious that.... (Archived)
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Would you play this Hypothetical Pokemon game? (Archived)
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Does pikachu reminds anyone else of a yellow mouse? (Archived)Taiphlosion108/11/2013
Yet another Showdown thread (Archived)
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Does anyone here (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr68/11/2013
Does MegaBlaziken remind anyone of dinner? (Archived)DweezleMoonunit58/11/2013
I slept on it and I now like the way Mega (may) work (Archived)Nomorice4U58/11/2013
Pokemon World Championship 2013 (Moving Video inside) (Archived)Zero9718/11/2013