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Why did Gen 4 have such strong final starter evolutions? (Archived)
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What Pokemon, if dissapeared all together, would take the longest time to notice (Archived)
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We better be getting a MegaNoivern (Archived)pikachu659848/10/2013
Need more dinosaur type pokemon. (Archived)FinalFantazyv248/10/2013
Babyshkan. (Archived)karasu00938/10/2013
ITT:name the most BSey/cheesey/unfair moveset you can think of for a pokemon (Archived)thedarklordx338/10/2013
are megas counted in the pokedex? (Archived)SgtInfinity58/10/2013
Your reaction: Only Y version gets Mega forms and X version instead gets... (Archived)kaonohiokala78/10/2013
POLL:to those against cheats/hacks, are you against hacked but possible pokemon? (Poll)thedarklordx368/10/2013
what would you think if... (Archived)NovaWingz68/10/2013
C/D: Parental Bond will be the most broken ability in the game (Archived)
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Absol, Mawile, and Lucario should of just had evos. (Archived)
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corocoro! (Archived)invaderofdark58/10/2013
Your Reaction to this picture.. (Archived)RaidenHero78/10/2013
The soundtrack is gonna have over 200 songs o.O (Archived)Holy_Oblivion48/10/2013
Think there will be a "mega" "eevee?" (Archived)Enferolunos88/10/2013
Post your megalution wish list here! (Archived)
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Quote on Mega Stones (Archived)YungJaye38/10/2013
Competitive Battling (Archived)
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Mareep warp digivolve too.. (Archived)
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