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Everyone's mad about Blazikenite being event only, BUT..... (Archived)UsarNaem38/10/2013
Who else has MegaKangaskhan as their favorite Mega form so far? I love the idea (Archived)SH076UNNER28/10/2013
Do you think their will be a Pokemon Z ver. And should I wait for it? (Archived)
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Sturdy Shedinja vs Wonder Guard Sableye (Archived)Leebeenite88/10/2013
Anybody think that Sableye Evo that was rumored is actually a Megalution? (Archived)Noctus348/10/2013
Where is all the "mega" info coming from? (Archived)Silverwyrm78/10/2013
Plusle and Minun Mega Fusion (Archived)Con500578/10/2013
So what Pokemon do you think will get mega-evolutions? (Archived)
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Which of these Normal Status moves would you want to see become a tutor move? (Poll)
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Which of these priority moves would you want to see as a tutor move? (Poll)-Unowninator-48/10/2013
Only one Mega allowed per battle. (Archived)kingtrace108/10/2013
Which of these stat-boosting moves would you want to have this buff the most? (Poll)
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Problem I have with Mega-Evolution (Archived)Balamb0028/10/2013
Which of these Fire type moves would you want to see as a tutor move? (Poll)-Unowninator-78/10/2013
create a broken pokemon (Archived)reflectives38/10/2013
Pick 1 Pokemon to have a MegaEvolution: Slaking, Regigigas, or Archeops? (Poll)-Unowninator-58/10/2013
Has there ever been a pokemon that didn't look like it's type to you? (Archived)
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Was thinking about Mega Lucario on a competitive standpoint (Archived)HipsterManPrime48/10/2013
I'm calling it now. Gamefreak will give Slaking a mega evolution. (Archived)Arcanine200968/10/2013
any fan art showing mega evolutions for the rest of pokemon? (Archived)
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