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Bored : Showdown (Archived)Jaricko18/9/2013
If no one else has done it yet, this is me claiming the idea. (Archived)
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Mega Ampharos is so cool. (Archived)
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Mega tradeoff? (Archived)tehkapi38/8/2013
Mega-Venusaur should be Grass/Fire (Archived)BadKarma_JT18/8/2013
Your reaction - MegaItems are locked to their Pokemon (Archived)GilgameshSwords38/8/2013
Mega-Absol dark/normal confirmed? (Archived)BadKarma_JT38/8/2013
If MegaCharizard existed... (Archived)
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"mega" not in the name (Archived)airsoft24648/8/2013
Question about the Torchic they're handing out... (Archived)Hemerukio58/8/2013
I love how Blaziken is getting so much love as of late. (Archived)Mister_Fresh38/8/2013
Your reaction: Mega Evolutions only exist to make old Pokemon usable (Archived)SonicFan18888/8/2013
Well at least the Mega thing explains that whole Tyranitar pic though... (Archived)lulzace88/8/2013
Think the bunny will evolve into a Normal/Ground? (Archived)DoctorPiranha358/8/2013
I was so happy when I saw that Absol evolution but then.... (Archived)
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I stand corrected (Archived)Digital_Knyte0748/8/2013
This Pokemon now gets a Mega Evolution (Archived)
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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 176 :Torkoal Pre-Evolution (Poll)Scizoreon78/8/2013
Why all the Digimon Comparisons? (Archived)
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Two things. (Archived)primusnine28/8/2013