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Best rival? (Archived)
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really happy were getting a rival similar to gen 3. (Archived)zombiabsol86/30/2013
If Dugtrio got "Mold Breaker" (Archived)
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Machoke is the most "Do you even lift, bro" Pokemon. (Archived)Daemonscharm46/30/2013
Create a new Pokemon with Wonder Guard (Archived)Twilight_Sonata26/30/2013
There needs to be a Psychic priority move (Archived)iKhanic76/30/2013
Hey everybody, look at this! (Archived)jerrbear6466/30/2013
If Stealth Rock didn't exist, which type would benefit the most from it? (Poll)
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So the reason people think Fairy wil be a JOKE against Dragon is... (Archived)
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So was Masuda's message something to do with the new trailer? (Archived)rapscallion73326/30/2013
So what if Clefairy doesn't get Fairy typed? (Archived)iKhanic36/30/2013
My reasoning behind pre-ordering Pokemon Y. (Archived)red023b56/30/2013
Which Starter do you think Ash is going to use.. (Archived)
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its really hard building new teams from scratch with out smogon (Archived)
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What should I call my rival? (Archived)
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How about 9 gyms and 9 badges for once? Just to change it up (Archived)
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Looking forward to sitting on benches? (Poll)
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I wonder if a lot of Fairy types will get Magic Guard. (Archived)Hierarchy22596/30/2013
Gen VI should have this kind of layout (just some ideas) (Archived)legendxofxsky46/30/2013
I have a story idea, so sit down, shuddup and listen. (Archived)
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