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ALERT. ALERT. Plothole. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Archived)EmptyStar1238/10/2013
It's only a matter of time until MegaGarchomp and MegaScizor (Archived)ssj4warrior38/10/2013
If Mega Kangaskhan loses does it become a Cubone? (Archived)Sakurafanboy78/10/2013
should there always be gimmick pkmn that suck? (Archived)
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Mega evolutions would've been great in Gen IV (Archived)NYyankeesMan48/10/2013
Mega rapidash (Archived)radiantphoebus68/10/2013
Do you think? (Archived)Seazor58/10/2013
Well, one personal benefit of mega evolutions (Archived)Enferolunos48/10/2013
your reaction; shiny mega evolutions (Poll)paipr28/10/2013
Mega KANGHASKAN (Archived)Mudkip4348/10/2013
Which would be better (Archived)Slayerblade1138/10/2013
I like the idea of having only one poke be able to go mega each battle. (Archived)Scorpion12217898/10/2013
No longer getting X/Y. (Archived)
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It's funny that people bring up Digimon, since.. (Archived)Magitek11118/10/2013
Mega Evolution Clarification (Archived)
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anyone ever heard of this legitimate magikarp strategy? (Poll)thedarklordx398/10/2013
Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 177 :Grumpig Evolution (Poll)Scizoreon88/10/2013
Is Mega Ampharos really becoming part dragon? (Archived)
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So how in depth are the online features? (Archived)Blocktopus28/10/2013
What if Ampharos got Tail Glow... (Archived)Duncanwii108/10/2013