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Pokemon-Amie replacing IV's (Archived)
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Three new pokemon revealed (sorry if old) (Archived)LethalX08106/11/2013
How do we pronounce Noivern? (Archived)Strain42106/11/2013
Invitation to my secret fairy type (Archived)MetaDeDeDe16/11/2013
I want to touch my Gardevoir in Pokemon-Amie (Archived)Roobitysu106/11/2013
Noivern and Vivillon, your thoughts? (Archived)
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lol I bet a lot of people are seeing a Scumbag GameFREAK meme in their head (Archived)Faust_876/11/2013
As embarrassing as it is, I'm excited for Pokemon-amie. (Archived)thebrawler5686/11/2013
How good would a Fairy/Steel type be? (Poll)
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Pokezoo tycoon Ds (Archived)Magmasta46/11/2013
Now we can get Ghost/Dark Pokemon with good stats! (Archived)Faust_846/11/2013
Can we calculate Fairy Wind base power? (Archived)Nanis23106/11/2013
Fairy/Ghost, Fairy/Steel, Fairy/Flying, Fairy/Ice, and Fairy/Electric (Archived)zombiabsol36/11/2013
Ugg, I knew Denzel Crocker was Right (Archived)rocketgeno56/11/2013
I am Sorry for Doubting this board (Archived)rocketgeno16/11/2013
Fairy plate for Arceus.. (Archived)Hinoken8646/11/2013
Sylveon stats prediction. (Archived)
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The Eiffel Tower-thing looks like a gym... (Archived)pikachu659876/11/2013
Noivern looks pretty great. (Archived)
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How many people are seriously upset about fairy? I've only seen like 5 users. (Archived)Jagus86/11/2013