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Gamefaqs Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Round 2, Battle 51: Nidorina vs Kingler (Poll)Samp9851816/26/2013
OMG i am so stuped (Archived)fredie1186/26/2013
I bet you can go to Hoenn in B/W 2 but we just havent found out how yet (Archived)djmetal77766/26/2013
Here's hoping the encounter rate is lower in gen 6 than in gen 5 (Archived)Lux_Sentou56/26/2013
Which Pokemon would be the most difficult/daunting one to animate? (Archived)keyos2726/26/2013
ITT: Pokemon Crossover Games You Want to Play (Archived)Ultima54636/26/2013
Can't wait to Sky battle with my Dotrio and Gyarados (Archived)White_Queen76/26/2013
Friend Codes For Pokemon (Archived)gamecreator126/26/2013
Would Slack Off Snorlax be OU? (Archived)
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The mystery of Magnemite. (Archived)deadpool84876/26/2013
What will happen in a Sky Battle if... (Archived)Meta28936/26/2013
Give a non-pokemon RPG character pokemon stats (Archived)iKhanic56/26/2013
Wailord will not make it in. (Archived)
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Sky battles will be pointless and broken (Archived)Aurawhisperer36/26/2013
What was your most memorable pokemon team? (Archived)
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You know who I miss? V.3 (Archived)MyZombieFiancee46/26/2013
Is Gardevoir's Dress the same as Sylveon's flesh ribbon? [SPOILERS] (Archived)furygods36/26/2013
I finally evolved my shiny Treecko (Archived)Bulbasaur-106/26/2013
There was a link on here where a guy spoiled essentially the entire game... (Archived)Sad_Face76/26/2013
Fennekin's final evolution is Fire/Fairy (Archived)
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