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Pokemon's Weakness? (Archived)Nintendo35000vr35/11 9:44PM
Would you want mii's as pokemon in OR/AS (Archived)
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Jayroach2235/11 9:44PM
Anyone else still disappoint that there's only 72 new pokemon? (Archived)
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R-A-V245/11 9:39PM
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Which Pokemon still look as bad as when they were first released? (Archived)xrayscope95/11 9:29PM
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Someone convince me... (Archived)
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TylerWolfy125/11 9:09PM
It's no wonder why Ice is so poor defensively! (Archived)MegaSableye75/11 9:07PM
We have a T-Rex (Archived)
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Plant42295/11 8:53PM
Would someone help me ( question concerning Pokecheck)? (Archived)
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ShadowShire205/11 8:51PM
Rotom-W advise (Archived)DK-ooo45/11 8:45PM
Just put the friggin IV checker on the same road as the daycare (Archived)
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megATOMOS235/11 8:42PM
best showdown replays? I would like to see some good strategies (Archived)
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deoxxys165/11 8:40PM
How I love Tyrantrum so. (Archived)XGeass45/11 8:39PM
Ninty should finish the Pokedex before releasing new games >_> (Archived)King_of_Flan15/11 8:34PM
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Pokemon Completion help (Archived)chimchar9635/11 8:27PM
Who is the superior director for Pokemon games? (Poll)
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iKhan88375/11 8:26PM