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KnightJohndna137/5 4:20PM
GameFreak needs to bring back no recharge Hyper Beam (Archived)
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_Fluffy_Q-Tip_367/5 4:09PM
Kangaskhan and Garchomp "a bit too prominent" but "adequate game balance" Masuda (Archived)
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kakashik99992137/5 4:05PM
Let's settle this once and for all! (Archived)
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Swamp-marsh-mud157/5 3:58PM
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1st Gen Popularity Contest: R1- Poll 21- Blastoise, Kabuto, Rhyhorn, Golem (Poll)Paulo12397/5 3:40PM
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porygon_z_129187/5 3:22PM
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How do you get HA Foongus? (Archived)ElpollogabazXII67/5 3:18PM
Best Psychic type move (correct version) (Poll)
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Lobster44227/5 2:43PM
Epic Comeback! (Showdown replay) (Archived)
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Lobster44127/5 2:40PM
Would you have bought pokemon X/Y if it was just a multiplayer game?.... (Archived)
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milotic44487/5 2:38PM
Do you like Stantler? (Poll)
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lawlnope187/5 2:25PM
Trade my Darkrai and Shiny Legendaries (Archived)GreyFox_1137/5 1:55PM
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