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a bag of chips is where i draw the ****ing line (Archived)
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reaction: 9th gym!? (Archived)
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Sudowoodo is the most "Don't drop dat thun thun thun" Pokemon (Archived)Daemonscharm48/2/2013
Pokemon X and Y hype topic (Poll)Rupin_Salesman88/2/2013
If a Pseudo-Legendary were to get an even better evolution, which should get it? (Poll)solaurus1288/2/2013
I see a lot of people saying that Flareon is bad... (Archived)
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Outrage (Archived)
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LEST FAVORITE new Pokemon so far? (Poll)
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Pokemon and thun thun thun. (Archived)Gatorade2298/2/2013
Neopets Paint Brushes for Pokemon (Archived)occono78/2/2013
UK Shiny Dialga/Palkia/Giratina GAME Event. What GAMEs are doing them? (Archived)gg13238/2/2013
How To Train Your Dragonite: The guide to a happy Dragonite (Archived)Diayamondo68/2/2013
Where did these sushi and bag of chips pokemon ideas come from? (Archived)
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Imagine if IVs weren't permanant... (Archived)jamieyello108/2/2013
reaction: 4th evolution!? (Archived)Gatorade2288/2/2013
least favorite pokemon per type v2 (Archived)aggron30688/2/2013
Compilation topic! All the new news for Pokemon X & Y from the past week? (Archived)Davimus51848/2/2013
Who ignores ivs evs and natures? (Archived)
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Do you think Vivilion could have a counterpart? (Archived)yoshirulezz48/2/2013
Maybe i just don't get pokemon? (Archived)OldSkoola00158/2/2013