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Lure ball totodile? (Archived)Baseball4Lyfe8577/10 1:43PM
Knee-jerk hatred and calling the newest revealed Mega every synonym of "ugly". (Archived)IngSlayer57/10 1:39PM
Poke Transporter (Archived)Jasmine1111197/10 1:32PM
Do you think Pokemon X/Y will be able to connect to Pokemon ORAS??? (Archived)
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Sky_Legend137/10 1:26PM
I suck. (Archived)
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Nuzlink147/10 1:26PM
the only good hack or cheat (Archived)
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Bryan_Skull277/10 1:26PM
Church of Mega Metagross. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry87/10 1:26PM
DIGLETT IS the bestest ever (Archived)
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ashcrv117/10 1:10PM
OP a pokemon by giving it access to 1 move (Archived)
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SeizureGoat747/10 12:55PM
WTT for a female Kabuto with Weak Armor (Archived)dieridley27/10 12:46PM
shiny-fancy-vivillon? (Archived)Cosmoesis47/10 12:46PM
Huh, so the origin of Skitty on Wailord meme (Archived)Sebas2757/10 12:46PM
Which Mewtwo is Better...... (Archived)
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Bearacudda98117/10 12:41PM
Can you use Trick or Treat or Forest's Curse on your teammates in Double Battle? (Archived)Vivisqeq37/10 12:37PM
Look closely at the bottom of the picture(pokemon related) (Archived)
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Scroobies147/10 12:35PM
Best Rock type move (Poll)
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Lobster44227/10 12:19PM
Best Rock/Water type Pokemon? (Poll)Worm19977/10 12:17PM
Assuming the Mega Stone for Metagross will be a Metanite (Archived)Vivisqeq107/10 12:16PM
What do you think is the funniest magnezone name? (Archived)
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zoomzoom9127/10 12:13PM
To Mega or Not To Mega? (Day 18- Latias vs Mega Latias) (Poll)
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TheWhiskaz207/10 12:07PM