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There needs to be more Dragon-type Pokemon with a higher Special Attack. (Archived)
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Now that some time has passed, who is your preferred pick: Xerneas or Yveltal? (Poll)
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Favorite Pokemon and Why? (Archived)
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How is the new forme of Mewtwo going to play into X/Y? (Archived)buizel12385/25/2013
Why assume there will be a 2nd new Eeveelution? (Archived)Grand_Blue85/25/2013
The battle subway has taught me... (Archived)NeoSioType25/25/2013
Favorite physics-based pokemon? (Poll)
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Pokemon Pickup Lines (Archived)
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What was your narrowest victory? (Archived)
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Is your favorite game of all time a pokemon game? (Poll)themegaman785/25/2013
God of Pokemon (Archived)I_Wanna_Cookie65/25/2013
What is the least important base stat? (Poll)
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There's a lot of talk of remakes. Makes me wonder... (Archived)ChampionRed85/25/2013
Froakie is the king (Archived)Mudkip4315/25/2013
If there's a second eeveelution for this gen, it'll probably be fighting type (Archived)pokemongames105/25/2013
Skyla should have a sister we didn't know about and a water gym in Kalos (Archived)fissionprimer75/25/2013
What previous-gen moves will change types (Archived)White_Queen95/25/2013
Pokemon Fatalities (spinoff of evillocke's blood topic) (Archived)
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Official Showdown Name and Shame thread (Archived)GilgameshSwords35/25/2013
Will Pikablu finally make an appearance in X/Y? (Archived)
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