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Wow,finally (Archived)
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Grant's gym is impressive (Archived)P0k3m0nWaRR10R8107/12/2013
X and Y Character Customization... (Archived)
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Yes, disconnectors get their loss, but do I get my win? (Archived)Roobitysu17/12/2013
Anybody else skipping this game? Getting tired of the formula (Archived)
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Why do the trailers always look so crappy? (Archived)
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Idea for an electric type weather condition: Thunderstorm (Archived)Immortal_Chaos7107/12/2013
Is there a leak out yet about starter types? (Archived)Aurawhisperer47/12/2013
Is X or Y downloadable? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman47/12/2013
Swirlix is a vampiric sugarholic. (Archived)wind64a107/12/2013
Returning to the Kalos Pokedex: Day 25: The Quarter-Finals IV (Gauntlet) (Poll)NintendoFan200017/12/2013
just realized something (Archived)bobstevens23123107/12/2013
How the bleep did Pokebeach get all this stuff 100% correct MONTHS ago? (Archived)
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Stuff that nobody's really pointed out so far. (Archived)SirPikachu77/12/2013
How ignorant can you be? (Archived)
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These games will be everything I wanted Black/White to be (also big scoop hopes) (Archived)SoleEater37/12/2013
wonder trade and play coins? (Poll)paipr37/12/2013
OH MY GOD! Goronda!...And the other stuff (Archived)Aysander67/12/2013
Do you use legendaries? POLL (Poll)alatreon78987/12/2013
So how does trading work nowadays? (Archived)squirrel_boy37/12/2013