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Pokedex 3D Pro (Archived)hugo-n-kisses37/13/2013
If Fairy does turn out to be weak to Steel... (Archived)
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Ursaring (Archived)kjingofthehill_27/13/2013
GTS allows you to receive a Pokemon not yet registered in the Pokedex!!!! (Archived)
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Nidoking Vs. Nidoqueen (Poll)
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Do you think we've already seen Pokemon "666", only don't know it's Pokedex No.? (Poll)
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Dat Brofist (Archived)lulzace77/13/2013
How many X/Y starters are you starting with? (Poll)AngryGFAQer97/13/2013
Favorite legendary mascot duo concept... (Poll)Tyranidomega57/13/2013
Is grass/ghost a good typing (Archived)carpediempimp97/13/2013
Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 149 : Arbok Evolution Re-poll (Poll)
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Taking Pictures Anywhere + Walk-Through-Wall Action Replay Code = (Archived)TBF Bri 1097/13/2013
Orotto should have Aftermath as its Ability. Nothing more, nothing less. (Archived)Roobitysu77/13/2013
When Orotto is going to be revealed? (Archived)GangstaLizard9577/13/2013
Aurotto is Pokemon's Cherrymon. (Archived)
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So is mewtwo male or female...I'm confused (Archived)
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genderless pokemon (Archived)GoldenSWarriors37/13/2013
New Pokemon: Bellamingo (Archived)RaidenHero107/13/2013
Aulotto/Aulotte is a bad romanization and here's why: (Archived)PokeJungle77/13/2013
lol, imagine if Swirlix pulls a Trapinch/Swablu..... (Archived)MonkeyDTim37/13/2013