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So I'm starting a new game on SS... (Archived)MetaCyclone65/30/2013
Think of a Gym Leader and a Pokemon before entering. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman95/30/2013
Red's overratedness poll:The Sequel (Poll)
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I keep thinking of gen 4 as gen 1 (Archived)Nightinangle55/30/2013
Just got a Skyla Full Art card out of a Boundaries Crossed booster pack (Archived)
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Is the Copycat the only person who's ever heard Red talk? (Archived)ice_phoenix_105/30/2013
Which would you rather have reappear in X/Y (If you had to choose) (Archived)pikachu6598105/30/2013
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I love Delcatty... (Archived)Scott118735/30/2013
GameFAQs Favorites: Day 4 - Which region has your favorite Pokemon designs? (Poll)
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Name of this Pokemon? It looks like Sawsbuck but looks more like an evolved form (Archived)
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Generations 1-3 vs. Generations 4-6 (Poll)
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Male or Female? #008 (Poll)Michaeloll15/30/2013
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Syleon's stats (Archived)Faust_855/30/2013
what level do you think ideally each gym should be? (Archived)paipr55/30/2013
Will Wailord's **** is in this game? (Archived)Daemonscharm45/30/2013
Munchlax comes after garchomp? (Archived)javel3425/30/2013
What if, for the story... (Archived)
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Will Bugsy be in this game? (Archived)Fit-It_Felix25/30/2013