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Dunsparce Sucks!!! (Archived)
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Raticate evolution confirmed (Archived)scraadin25/19/2013
Do Pokemon have romantic relationships with each other? (Archived)snuffles50495/19/2013
Anyone else going to do a JohnLocke challenge this game? (Archived)Jarred62395/19/2013
I could have sworn there would be a new type until I saw this... (Archived)Michaeloll105/19/2013
good team for champions PWT? (Archived)ManuKesna55/19/2013
Pokemon that will gain the fairy type. (Archived)
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my only shiny was (Archived)bobstevens2312365/19/2013
Can we at least agree that Sylveon won't be anything but a Flying or Fairy type? (Archived)
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Y or N? Jobs (Archived)SkyrimRefuge1325/19/2013
In 2016 we should get a console anniversary Pokemon game. (Archived)
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Evolution Thoughts (Archived)SkyrimRefuge1365/19/2013
So where do you find the Fiji Mermaid again? (Archived)javel3435/19/2013
Battle League? (Archived)SkyrimRefuge1335/19/2013
The Pikachu Topic Vol.1 (Poll)mariobros0115/19/2013
So what was revelead on that Pokemon show this weekend? (Archived)superstud69x45/19/2013
Do you think that Pokemon X/Y should have... (Archived)SkyrimRefuge1375/19/2013
POLL: Autosave, Y or N. (Poll)
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C/D: Imposter should be the default ability for Ditto (Poll)M4nnimal75/19/2013
Poison should be super effective against water (Archived)
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