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Is this too OP? (Archived)
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ZeldaFan113217/1 12:38PM
Is there any good Poison-type sweeper? (Archived)
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1998_z417/1 12:35PM
How the heck do I get into the first gym? (Archived)
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JohannKraus117/1 12:21PM
I take it no-one. likes phione (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob117/1 11:56AM
That feeling when your opponent says GG after setting up Xerneas (Archived)
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noname2lazy177/1 11:55AM
What's so important about Kalos born Pokemon? (Archived)
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SoulSlayer64x117/1 11:48AM
magic bounce (Archived)SavageSunbobo47/1 11:29AM
Where can i check specific IVs? (Archived)The_Undest57/1 11:27AM
Got a nicknameable Bold Shiny 5IV HA Eevee in a Giveaway (Archived)kagenoronin8747/1 11:24AM
scrafty build (Archived)xxxrauberxxx97/1 10:57AM
So who here likes Cradily? (Archived)
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samus885237/1 10:55AM
Is there a way to know WHICH Pokemon in a horde is holding an item? (Archived)Rot8er_ConeX87/1 10:51AM
Does Magnetic Flux work on the user who has Plus or Minus? (Archived)BlackHorse696927/1 10:37AM
Best Physical Attacker (Archived)
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ozmir22237/1 10:21AM
It's been, like, nine months since I first realized that Charizard (Archived)Hydrelgonzek47/1 10:20AM
Wifi noob question. (Archived)CPav3337/1 10:10AM
Is there a way to burn your own Pokemon in single battles? (Archived)
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Darkraiomb687/1 10:05AM
Going to test out Pokebattle (Archived)
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Hydrelgonzek117/1 9:59AM
M-Mom's the most "Back then they didn't want me now I'm hot they they all on me" (Archived)AlphaDrogon47/1 9:59AM
Noob and his Espeon soon get rekt (Archived)
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Hydrelgonzek177/1 9:52AM