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ok so on route 10 emolga is rare and golett is common. why so many emolgas??? (Archived)zfighterx77/2 8:36PM
Offensive Grass types with flying moves? (Archived)
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Emeraldrox217/2 8:14PM
multi partner mishaps (Archived)
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Serpent9891127/2 8:09PM
Isn't Greninja just disgusting? (Archived)
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supremeblaster437/2 7:56PM
Gaize,I'm almost there! (Archived)porygon_z_12947/2 7:47PM
Where does GTS pokemon are stored? (Archived)Zero0ex37/2 7:39PM
When spreading pokerus, do I have to actually use a move in a battle? (Archived)TastyOrifiel27/2 7:37PM
Why is greninja the new fanboy pokemon? (Archived)
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TheGoodRoman127/2 7:29PM
Need help identifying a scene from the anime (Archived)ChrnoDstroyer1217/2 7:21PM
YR: Gen 7 lets you swap the Special/Physical stats of a pokemon. (Archived)
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DigiDude77257/2 7:05PM
People who think Showdown players get better after 1400s.... (Archived)
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supremeblaster147/2 6:41PM
Friend Safari (Archived)NightmareXXX00737/2 6:37PM
My trevenant, Stumpy, claims another soul (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob67/2 6:36PM
YR Milotic gets a... (Archived)
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Jayroach2137/2 6:31PM
So, what's the big, massive appeal in Eevee and it's evolutions? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt307/2 5:29PM
What is a good set for Lucario in the current metagame? (Archived)keybladesrus97/2 5:21PM
YR: Next Gen Series allows the Player to... (Archived)Sky_Legend107/2 5:08PM
Question about breeding with destiny knot (Archived)Link284197/2 5:02PM
EVs for Weakness Policy Aegislash? (Archived)Faust_827/2 4:57PM
Corsola is an underrated pokemon imo (Archived)KyrieIrving97/2 4:53PM