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Is sludge bomb worth it on Mega Houndoom? (Archived)Poisonedsword96/10 8:27PM
Wish Chansey (Archived)
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cr4a5y136/10 8:21PM
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HAHAHAHA Mega Swampert (Archived)
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Hejiru456/10 7:58PM
How do you reset a BW game? (Archived)Chaos4629056/10 7:52PM
Is it normal for Legends on battle spot? (Archived)VampEpyre106/10 7:51PM
What is your favorite Pokemon? (Archived)
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Walkiethrougie126/10 7:42PM
Post your favorite prediction battles here (Archived)Fwahm56/10 7:31PM
I don't see the battle frontier on the new hoen region map.. (Archived)MoMonay46/10 7:25PM
I wish there was a special e3 event pokemon (Archived)
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GravelKing116/10 7:21PM
Question regarding transfer (Archived)Chaos4629036/10 7:08PM
YR: Psychic Pokemon now block Poke balls of all kinds. (Archived)
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LRodC116/10 7:00PM
When did the Elite 4 presentation become so over the top? (Archived)
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Zeron RB176/10 6:44PM
who would you prefer to mega evolve: salamence or flygon? (Poll)
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CarefreeDude136/10 6:43PM
Pokemon Crossing (Poll)Sketch72200256/10 6:40PM
Who's your favorite pokemon? (Archived)
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Best/Worst Pokemon Psychic tiebreaker 1 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1446/10 6:12PM
How would Scizor be if he was pure Bug? (Archived)
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LRodC116/10 5:49PM
1st caught shiny (Archived)ozmir2276/10 5:23PM