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Having fun with Gimmick teams. (Archived)Darkflame41156/30 1:45PM
how does Ditto/any Pokemon breed with Magmar or Slugma? (Archived)NOM36/30 1:32PM
Y'know what this game would be better with? (Archived)
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TsundereSevera346/30 1:31PM
Gym Battle Re-design: Valerie (Archived)
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TrustyPeaches226/30 1:29PM
How to bluff in Pokemon (Archived)jacob562246/30 1:16PM
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They should make a heron Pokemon (Archived)
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Hydregionzek306/30 12:49PM
LF: Winter2013 Garchomp, PCBC Tyranitar, FT: Events + Shinies (Can Clone) (Archived)Zvayn36/30 12:43PM
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LF Shiny competitive tyrantrum/goodra (Archived)DeRosaop46/30 12:36PM
Why do people always surrender to me on Showdown? (Archived)
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SpectrumPulse57126/30 12:26PM
I'm trying to breed my mightyena in my pokemon x games and I keep getting girls (Archived)
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SophieLuvsTofu1126/30 12:23PM
YR: Mega Kangaskhan has now swapped its base Special Attack for its base Attack. (Archived)
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zelionx176/30 12:08PM
Diancie, Latiosite and Latiasite questions (Archived)jaxson_bateman86/30 12:03PM
You think this would be a good idea? (Archived)
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GravelKing116/30 11:56AM
The Champion was no fun (Archived)Vegeta100056/30 11:53AM
Does anyone have a dusclops? (Archived)Shnebb36/30 11:52AM
Server down (Archived)jucaa46/30 11:51AM
eevee wont evolve into sylveon (Archived)pkivysaur86/30 11:31AM
The long requested wolf Pokemon (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform416/30 11:27AM