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LF: Bisharp (Details inside) (Archived)RockinWiggins36/30 10:01AM
I see people defending IV's... (Archived)
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SuprSaiyanRockr1516/30 9:55AM
To Mega or Not To Mega? (Day 8- Blastoise vs Mega Blastoise) (Poll)
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TheWhiskaz226/30 9:38AM
Need eggs for Egglocke (Archived)Almgandi16/30 9:28AM
hollaaa friendd , a need zygarde (Archived)josesantana9736/30 9:27AM
I love Sandslash. (Archived)
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lolsophia7166/30 9:03AM
First Generation Popularity Contest: Round 1 - Poll 4 (Poll)Paulo12376/30 9:01AM
Mega Blastoise's shell should have opened to reveal f***** missile pods (Archived)wolf rider46/30 9:01AM
For those of you who play fangames... (Archived)
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Mumpelfink_Lord186/30 8:36AM
how's the server? (Archived)
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RedRaven_146/30 8:35AM
I hope Smogon ban stored power... (Archived)
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Lobster44146/30 8:34AM
Competitive + Bulldoze in Doubles (Archived)TrustyPeaches56/30 8:29AM
why am I all of a sudden getting error 001-0112 (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4256/30 8:19AM
How hard is it to catch legendary Pokemon? (Archived)tgrz201136/30 8:16AM
That bouffalant analysis (Archived)
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LightningAce11176/30 8:04AM
how do you pronounce wurmple? (Archived)
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CharzardGurl196/30 8:02AM
Can l still batte/trade/etc online even if my WiFi is extremely slow? (Archived)GeminiX726/30 8:00AM
So, I'm doing this mono-Normal playthrough of X, with the Exp. Share turned off. (Archived)Missingno_Mastr96/30 7:54AM
Quick Question (Archived)Torchic8036/30 7:53AM
Is the server down? (Archived)Emeraldrox56/30 7:39AM