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Thinking of it as a female (Archived)
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Crazy Theory: Newtwo looks girly (Poll)Super_Sora_23294/6/2013
Should we have a Gen 4 trade topic? (Archived)Daemonscharm44/6/2013
I want a Rapidash evolution. (Archived)scrappybristol74/6/2013
Gen six hype train to a COMPLETE HALT (Archived)
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Yeah, I'm going with another failed clone of mew (Archived)Cloud57624/6/2013
Well, looks like I'm done with Pokemon (Archived)
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What if the new mewtwo form was for another game... (Archived)Chaos_Colonel54/6/2013
S what's wrong with the new MEWTWO. (Archived)
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What tier would Aggron be if he had this ability? (Archived)
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New Mewtwo form base stat speculation (Archived)Inkydog2614/6/2013
What are those bumps on the new pokemon's chest? (Archived)Cloud57694/6/2013
I have a Theroy about what ever it is (Archived)Brandon04248774/6/2013
What would you do with a Ludicolo? (Archived)wackyteen84/6/2013
So is this it? (Archived)rapscallion73314/6/2013
How do you feel about Mewtwo2? (Poll)
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Can someone friendly help me trade evolve my Graveler and Alakazam in HG? (Archived)Daemonscharm74/6/2013
Don't you guys think Kanghaskan should have a pre-evo? (Archived)nblasteroin54/6/2013
Tell us the story of when you caught your first Aggron. (Archived)DBF__104/6/2013
wait a minute newtwo's head looks like kyuubey's tail (Archived)IndianaJones6564/6/2013